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About Us

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Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing exciting, hands-on educational programs for children from ages 3-14. We desire to help your child to develop a love for learning! Our teachers love what they are teaching and want your child to love it as much as they do!

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How we accomplish our Mission:

    We engage each child in the learning process through multiple educational, age-appropriate pathways. They have the opportunity to explore, try, succeed and learn from their own hands-on investigation of what they are studying.

    Our hands-on approach to learning keeps the learning experience fun and educational. We believe that children learn best by doing.We believe there is no such thing as failure, only opportunities for learning!

    We ask the questions "Why?" and "How?" to give the students ownership of the process and outcome.

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Please view the links for additional information.
Over the years, we have developed the best Art, Science, Programming Technology programs offered in the Atlanta area. We offer Summer Camps, Winter Break Camps, After School Classes and Programs, Saturday School, Homeschool, Preschool Programs, Science and Art Birthday Parties and much more! We are in MANY locations throughout Atlanta. Please see our locations link.

Art and Sewing Classes and Camps

Our Art programs are taught by experienced professional artists who exhibit a desire and natural ability to work with children. Our sewing and fashion classes inspire students to learn to sew and understand all components of fashion. Links to: Elementary Age Art and Sewing Class Preschool Art Class Art and Science Combination Camps

Science, Technology, and Robotics

Our Science and Technology Classes and Camps cover a full range of subjects to help the children learn what broad subjects are covered by science and technology. This exposure will help our students determine which field they may find the most interesting and encourage an interest and understanding of all fields of science.
Both programs are offered for ages 3-14. We have detailed curricula for each age group guaranteed to challenge your child’s inquisitive mind.
Science Classes and Camps includes Biology and Physiology, Electricity, Geology, Paleontology and Anthropology, Rocketry and Flight, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Structures and Engineering and much more.
The subjects are taught in creative means using themes such as Science Magic, Investigative Science, Goo, Gas, Great Balls of Fire, Rocket Ships and Dinosaurs, Rockets and Robots and more.

Our Technology Classes and Camps include Programming, Robotics, Simple and Complex Machines, and Motors and more. Again, the curricula becomes progressively challenging depending on the age. We incorporate LEGO Education Products with our own hands-on experiments to create a great learning experience!

Our Robotics Club teaches programming with Minecraft and Robotics.

Birthday Parties

Art, Science or Technology Birthday parties have become one of our most highly requested programs. We can have them at our Dunwoody Enrichment Center or at a location of your choosing. We typically hold a 45-50 minute party on a subject of your choosing. A cake and Ice-cream set-up room is also available. Now available at some of our Indoor Inflatable locations!

Please look at the Parties and Events link to see more of our exciting programs that we provide including:

Saturday School
Scout Functions
In-house field trips- Science, Technology or Art brought to your school or classroom!
Teacher Workday Programs - great for those days when you work but school is out!

Homeschool Programs:

Please contact us about hosting a Science, Art or Technology event for homeschool students.