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Older Elementary School Camps

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We have a great options for our older elementary students!

We keep our students minds active and thier hands busy with these exciting and educational camps. Wait until you see what they can create! Choose from any of the following subjects. Just click to take you to the program you are interested in or scroll down.




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Option S 2-CSI:  Crime Scene Investigation (Ages 9-12) 

To learn more about this curricula please view our Parent Letter.

Are you ready to understand the serious science that takes place behind the yellow crime scene tape? Well, this is your chance! In order to succeed at solving this crime we must unravel clues and secret messages-both invisible and cryptic. Each clue will make us learn a new skill to be better investigative scientists. These skills include:

  • Learning to dust for and analyze fingerprints
  • Collecting and comparing, foot prints and lip prints
  • Handwriting analysis
  • Using microscopes to analyze hair, fibers and powders
  • Using flame test and LOTS of chemistry to analyze powders.
  • Cell and DNA analysis using microscopes, models and DNA extraction
  • Plant analysis
  • Comparing Bite Marks and skeletal clues
  • Blood and Hair Analysis
This is one cool camp!

Option STR 4 Electrified and Robofied Ages 8-10

This camp is an exciting combination of Science and Technology. This camp is for children who love to design and build with their hands. Great for our engineers of the future! Click here to see the Parent Letter.

Click here to see You Tube Video of this camp.


  • Learn about electrical circuits, bread boards and circuit boards
  • See the inside working of a motor and learn the relationship between Electricity and Magnetism
  • Create and take home a model of an electric house where they create their own switches, wiring, series and parallel light circuits for a 4 room model home.
  • Make, modify and take home an electric car that responds to its environment.
  • Interact with many different robots and understand what "makes something a Robot".

TECHNOLOGY will incorporate two programs:

  • LEGO® Education Pneumatics:  The students will build machines that are operated by a Pneumatic system.  As your child builds a “Robot Arm” or a “Vertical Press”, they will explore power systems and components, sequence and control, pressure, prototyping, kinetic and potential energy and much more!
  • LEGO® Powered Science & Technology Program: In keeping with our science activities the students will build different motorized and non-motorized models. The “Dragster” and the “Power Car” can be modified by the student teams to perform a task in the most optimal method, or the “Walker”, which operates by combining the use of pulleys and gears! Introducing gears and pulleys, structural design, forces and motion, energy and more will help all students understand how robots move.
  • The students will love the tin can robot that they will build and take home.

Option STR 5 Goo, Gas, Great Balls of Fire!:  Science and Technology focusing on Chemistry, Physics and LEGO Technology (Ages 7-10)

This camp is an incredible combination of Science and Technology where we will use the LEGO Crazy Contraptions and Technics, along with exciting science experiments! This is a great hands-on fun camp. What more could you want in one camp!

View the Parent Letter for this Camp

Science Portion: Make lots of cool Chemical and Physical reactions!

  • Make Explosive reactions that blast many feet high.
  • Make our own soft drink as we learn about constants, variables and ratios. We will then decide if its Truth or Legend that a soft drink can rot your teeth!
  • Explore dry ice, make GAC, Slime and so much more!
  • Investigate endothermic and exothermic reactions with salts that get hot and cold.
  • Perform color changing acid base reactions and flame test!
  • Learn about florescence and black lights!

LEGO® Technology: In addition to all of this the students will have a great time building using LEGO® Technology with the following:

  • Crazy Contraptions: These are just plain fun and are the teachers and students favorites. We will build a “Battle Top Spinner” and a “Tennessee Time Killer”!
  • Technic's: These activities really get down to the bones of how things work. The motorized “Elevator” utilizes a pulley and gear box to move supplies up and down, while the “Universal Joint” will use axles and can be modified to add motors should the children be up to the challenge!

Option STR 6 It's Rocket Science! (Ages 9-13)

This exciting program takes our future astronauts to a whole new level.

Students will begin to understand the principals of flight and rocketry while designing and building rockets.  Students will learn to play Kerbal Space Program, which uses real physics and math skills to build and launch rockets that can survive the forces exerted onto the spacecraft exiting our atmosphere.  Can they land their rocket and fulfill their mission?

  • Your child will be very excited as they get to make and use bottle rockets, chemical rockets and Estes rockets.
  • As we construct and test our rockets, the students will incorporate design changes to maximize successful flight goals.
  • Students will gain a great understanding of rocket propulsion and control using the Kerbal Space Program.


Option R 7: Minecrafting Circuits and Cities (Ages 7-9)  Science, Programming and Gaming

  • Please read additional required information HERE.
  • To read the Parent Letter, click HERE.
  • For full descriptions please click HERE.
  • In this exciting camp, students will learn the science behind circuits and boolean logic as they make their own circuits using light bulbs and home made switches. They can then apply their circuitry knowledge using Redstone in Minecraft! Redstone can be used in Minecraft to:
  • Make simple circuits, such as automatic doors and light switches
  • Construct complex devices such as:
    • Trap Doors
    • Roller coasters
    • Automatic farms
  • Students will learn about switches, the binary numeral system, the difference between series and parallel circuits, make upstairs/downstairs circuits and more.
  • Create their own basic but functional calculators in Minecraft!
  • We will help children understand coding in Minecraft using the Minecraft Hour of Code.
  • With Scratch, your child will learn how to program games and make cartoons!
  • Requirements: Students must have AT LEAST 10 hours of playing time ON A COMPUTER. The controls are different for all devices, so if your child has never played on a computer they will experience a lot of frustration in the first day of camp while they catch up.

Option R8: Minecraft and Architectural Design  (Ages: 8 to 11)

  • Please read additional required information HERE.
  • Please view our Minecraft Video
  • This camp will allow your student's creativity and knowledge of technology to come together in a bold new way. Using Lego® Architecture Studio and specially designed graph paper, students will draw, design, and build their own creations step by step, just like the Master Builders at Lego! 
  • Students will learn about architectural engineering as they draw, design, and build their own buildings with LEGOS, then they will expand on those ideas and build their design on a much grander scale in Minecraft! Students will use resources to help them build perfect domes and spheres in Minecraft. This is the perfect camp for your creative minded, Lego and Minecraft loving student!

Option R 10: Minecraft Play (Ages 7-14)

  • This option is available during extended camp hours usually starting at 2:30.
  • This is available as an add on for students enrolled at camp or as an independent camp.
  • All students need to be familiar with Minecraft before joining this camp.
  • This will be an opportunity for students to interact in a group Minecraft environment. While students will explore and learn new skills and techniques, this is not the same as our structured camps. This will predominantly be a free play experience.

Option R 12: Mini Bots (Ages 8-11) 

Introduction to Programming and Robotics using LEGO MINDSTORMS™ NXT Robots and Scratch Programming. The students will have a great time as they really get to understand what makes a robot operate.

Please view our Parent Letter here.

Please see our Videos

Explore Programming and Robotics with Lego® MINDSTORMS® NXT robots!  Mini Bots camp will expose your child to all the sensors used in the NXT Kit. Building the base robots, using every sensor, we will give your child a chance to understand and program them.        

Using a basic “Base Bot” children will use the Touch, Light, Sound and Ultrasonic sensors so your child can program more extensively.  With a ground knowledge in sensors and programming your child will build a robot capable of maneuvering around an obstacle course and advance through a series of challenges. We will program your child's’ robot to have a personality!  It will even be able to play a game of golf!!  When is Tee time?

Students will create programs to make cartoons, movies, and games, compose music and much more with Scratch and other gaming protocols!
Note: MINDSTORMS Robots will not be taken home.

Option R 11: 3D Printing and CAD Design (Ages 11-14)

New this year! Bring your child’s imagination to life with Dremel Idea Builder and Auto Desk Tinker CAD.
Using problem based learning our students will have the power to build their imaginations!
With Tinker CAD, students will be able to create, move, rotate and scale their abstract models before printing.  The software is intuitive and easy to learn.  They will see the tangible results as they refine and print their 3D design.
To encourage their critical thinking, students will be able learn the science and engineering behind projects created in the camp.
At the end of camp, the students will be able to take home a copy of all of their designs and at least one of their favorite 3D models.