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Younger Elementary Camps

This is how we are meant to learn! Hands-on! Exciting! Educational!

We have lots of different options to fascinate your child's inquisitive mind! Just click on the camps you want to find out more about or just scroll down the page.

Note: This page is primarily for children 5-7 years old. There are additional camps for 7-8 year olds includes Minecraft camps on the older elementary page.



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Science Only Camps

Option S 1-Spies and Sleuths (Ages 6-8) 

  • This is a great “Who dun it?” adventure! Please see Parent Letter Here!
  • Dr. Lipid is back and boy is he mad! Our arch enemy is up to no good and we have to stop him!
  • We are the O.X.Y.S. (Only Excellent Youth Scientists) and we must match our wits against Dr. Lipid, Head of the Organization of M.O.R.O.N.S. (Magical Ogres Reshaping Our Natural Systems). The children will learn many exciting science principles as they learn to solve a crime scene and track Dr. Lipid!
  • In order to succeed at solving this crime we must unravel clues and secret messages-both invisible and cryptic. Each clue will help us learn a new skill to be better investigative scientists. These skills include:
    • Becoming detectives by examining finger, foot, and lip prints!
    • Learning Spy Games.
    • Making Alarms to protect our headquarters-the children will learn about circuits.
    • Making a periscope to spy around corners with!
    • Using microscopes we will learn to analyze hair, fibers and powders.
    • Using flame test and LOTS of chemistry to analyze powders.
  • The children will have a grand finale crime scene to practice the skills they have learned.

Science, Technology and Programming Camps

This camp combines science with LEGO® Education's Motorized Machines!

Option STR 3-Techno-Science Fun! Ages 5-7

What a great Combination! We will combine the fun of Mystery Science with LEGO® Education's WeDo Robots, Simple Machines and Programming with Scratch! Please view our parent letter here!

Our Mystery Science will be experiments with lots of WOW factors built in. But don't worry, they will still be learning the principles behind the amazing things they see and do.

  • Children will build it, break it, shape it and make it in this exciting hands-on engineering exploration as they make vortex cannons to blast towers from across the room, potato launchers (need I say more), submarines that glow and lots more. Learning about Newton could not be more fun!
  • If you think this sounds like fun, we will add in palm pipes, singing tubes, thunder tubes, and cups that talk!  We will not only learn how sound is generated, we will also learn how we hear sound!
  • We will electrify their imaginations as we create our own magnets, build batteries in ice cube trays, circuits, electromagnets and more. Wait until you hear about our buzzing and lighting human circuit machine!
  • The children will glow with excitement as we study fluorescence and bioluminescence. Watch fluorescent eggs grow 100 times their normal size!
  • Their eyes will go wide as they see our amazing dry ice experiments and our hydrophobic sand that will not get wet in water! 

In addition to all of this, the students will use LEGO® Technology and Robotics and Scratch programming with the following:

  • Students will get excited about robotics and programming with LEGO® Education WeDo™ Robotics. Students will learn how to build and program a working robotic model such as the “Magic Carpet” using pulleys and cams.
  • Building the “Magic Wand” your child will learn to program the Tilt Sensor and the “Ninja Star” will use gears for super speed as the stars spin away!
  • Children will get excited about building as they explore simple and motorized machines. Your student will learn cooperation as they work in teams of two learning the scientific concepts of Levers as they build a hungry Alligator and a weight sensitive Balance!
  •  This program will improve your child’s problem solving skills while encouraging teamwork, but they will just think they are having FUN!
  • You will be amazed at what the children create as they expand their programming skills with MIT created Scratch programming to create their own video!

Art, Science and Technology Combinations

Option AST 14 Make It ,Bake It and Create It:  Art and Science Combination (Ages 5-7)

We will learn about the art and science of cooking as we mix, measure, make and bake. For lots more detail, read the Parent Letter! Your child will be excited to get to eat the food they make each day!

  • Science: The fun doesn't stop there! They will get to learn the Science behind their cooking as they look at the yeast under a microscope, learn why fruits turn brown, and explore the fizzling properties of baking soda and vinegar! We will make yeast rolls, Ice Cream, Sun Tea, our own vinegar, cookies, and more.
  • Arts and Crafts:
    • The creative craft activities will include making objects that can be worn or displayed out of many different materials. Activities include clay sculptures of fruit in a bowl, stained glass pictures, seed and bean pictures and lots more.
    • Art will also involve vegetable print making, drawing and painting fruits and vegetables, and making wacky fruit and vegetable sculptures and more.

Option AST 15 Adventures in Archaeology! (Ages 5-7) Art, Science and Technology

  • Science and Art: Learn about ancient cultures using archaeological techniques like excavation and artifact identification and interpretation!
  • Use experimental archaeology to learn how ancient people made art, pottery, and how they may have used the artifacts we find!
  • Technology: Using LEGO WeDo builds, we will explore gear functions, simple and motorized machines and programming animals that have survived through evolutionary changes.  The “Elephant” and the “Ostrich” will utilize gears  and hubs to program them to walk!