Build It and...Break It!  Ages 8-10  (BIBI)

Science and Technology Extravaganza

This summer camp is an amazing combination of fun hands-on Science, Engineering and LEGO® Technology. What more could you ask for? 

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Technology will incorporate two programs:

  • LEGO® Education Pneumatics:  The students will build many machines such as the Chair Lift, that are operated by a Pneumatic system.  Explore power systems and components, sequence and control, pressure, prototyping, kinetic and potential energy, and much more!
  • Students will build different motorized and non-motorized LEGO® activities each day. This will include LEGO® Simple and Motorized Machines like “The Tower Crane” and “The Windmill” introducing gears and pulleys, structural design, forces and motion, energy and more!  These exciting activities will help the students understand trusses as we build the tower!

Science and Engineering: We will build large models of a pinball machine, a dome, and a trebuchet. We will explore Newton's Laws with our advanced balls and tracks. Students will create a Maglev racer that they can take home. They will have the opportunity to race these on the Maglev train track.  At the end of the week students will have the opportunity to take apart machines and see how they work.  (If you have any broken computers, VCR or DVD Players or other fun objects, please donate to us!)

  • Our campers will learn the basic principles of structural design including:
    • Trusses, levers, arches, compression, tension, material strength, planning and implementation.
    • As the students use scientific inquiry, they will learn teamwork and problem solving in a creative and fun way.

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