Roborific Scientific!   (Option RS)   Ages 5-7

 An exciting Robotics, Technology, and Science Adventure!

This will be an incredible combination of Science and Technology where we will build and program the LEGO® Education WeDo Robots,  perform experiments that will boggle your mind, and have the children saying “NO WAY!”  Please view our Parent Letter.

In this Phenomenal Physics class your child will:

  • Make a working flashlight as they learn about circuitry, electricity and magnetism.  They can take this home with them!
  • Newton Mania! We will have a blast as we learn about action, reaction, force and friction! We will work with water balloons, colliding and bouncing balls!

In addition to all of this the students will use LEGO Technology with the following:

  • Your child will go on a building and programming adventure as they make their builds come to life using drag and drop programming  with motorized LEGO WeDo ™ Robots. Children will build and program a “Bulldozer” and a “Forklift” and much more!

Children will do so much more we cannot begin to cover it here. The only question is will you send your child or yourself to this Incredible Camp!