Science of Survival! (Option SOS)   Ages 8-11   

Wait until your child experiences this amazing Science of Survival Camp! Please view our Parent Letter!

In our Science of Survival (SOS!) Camp we will make our own flashlights, learn how to read a compass, and set a course.  As we investigate how to make our flashlights, the students will get to explore the world of Snap Circuits Light!  

As students learn how to use a microscope, we will view and study bacteria found in pond water. Once we learn about water born pathogens we will find out how to avoid their side effects in water.  

Next we will learn to tie knots and use them to create basic shelters to protect us from heat and cold!

How about learning 20 cool survival uses of duct tape, then making a few of our own? Wait until you see the take home SOS kit kids create as they learn about how to use each part. Kit will include a whistle and the Paracord holder, a compass, signal mirror and more!

If that’s not enough, we are adding in the amazing Snap Circuits Light.  The children will create many exciting circuits that spin, change to the beat of music, light up in te dark and more. These circuits will use a strobe integrated circuit, fiber optic communication, and an infrared detector.