Art, Science and Technology Combinations

Make It, Bake It and Create It Ages 5-7

Option AST 14        

An exciting Science and Art adventure!

Machines, Mummies and More: An Archaeological Adventure Ages 5-7

Option AST 15

Science, Technology and Art

Ladies in Lab Coats Ages 8-11

Option AST 16       

Sos (Science of Survival) and Sewing!

Science, Robotics and Technology Combinations

TechnoScience Fun       Ages 5-7       

Option STR 3      Robotics, Science and Tech

Electrified &  Robofied   Ages 8-10  

 Option STR 4         Science and Tech

Goo, Gas, Great Balls of Fire  Ages 7-10     Option STR 5         Science and Tech

It's Rocket Science        Ages 9-13    

Option STR 6    Science and Kerbal Program

Robotics, Programming and 3D  Printing

MiniBots Ages 8-11

Option R 12   

LEGO MINDSTORMS and Programming


Extreme Bots and Building Ages 11-14

Option R 13   

EV3s and Advanced LEGO Builds

 3D Printing Extravaganza   Ages 10-14

Option R11      

3D Printing and Cad Design

Minecraft Camps

Minecrafting Circuits and CIties    Ages 7-9 

Option R 7     Minecrraft and Science

Minecraft & Architectural Design  

Ages 7-9   Option STR 7     

Minecrraft and Design

Minecrafting, Programming and Logic     Ages 11-14 

Option R9  Minecrraft Programming

Minecrafting Play    Ages 7-14

Option R10    Minecrraft Late Camp

All Science Camps

Spies and Sleuths  Ages 6-8
Option S1 Hands On Science Extravaganza


Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Ages 9-12
Option S 2 Hands-On Science