Make It, Bake It and Create It 

Option AST 14        Ages 5-7 An exciting Science and Art adventure!

We will learn about the art and science of cooking as we mix, measure, make and bake.

For lots more detail, please read the Parent Letter! Your child will be excited to get to eat the food they make each day!


Science: The fun doesn't stop there! They will get to learn the Science behind their cooking as they look at the yeast under a microscope, learn why fruits turn brown, and explore the fizzling properties of baking soda and vinegar! We will make yeast rolls, Ice Cream, Sun Tea, our own vinegar, cookies, and more.


Arts and Crafts: The creative craft activities will include making objects that can be worn or displayed out of many different materials. Activities include clay sculptures of fruit in a bowl, stained glass pictures, seed and bean pictures and lots more.

Art will also involve vegetable print making, drawing and painting fruits and vegetables, and making wacky fruit and vegetable sculptures and more.

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