Machines, Mummies and More! An Archeology Adventure 

Option AST 15      Ages 5-7   Amazing  Art, Science and Technology Adventure! 

Come with us on an adventure through time as we dig up the past in Machines, Mummies and More! In this exciting camp we will explore science, art and technology.  Please view our Parent Letter.


In our Science explorations, we will:

-learn about geology earth science like plate tectonics, volcanoes, erosion and soil science!

-discover how we learn about people of the past by studying what they leave behind using archaeological science to participate in an excavation!

-use experimental archaeology to create our own mummies, pottery and even mint our own coins!


In our amazing Art extravaganza, we will explore our artistic talents by creating our own cave paintings, decorate a pyramid and create a mosaic!


With our Technology portion, we will concentrate on animals that have survived through evolutionary changes. 

We will use LEGO WeDo Robot builds, as we explore gear functions, simple and motorized machines and programming of animals such as the “Elephant” and the “Ostrich”,  We  will incorporate gears and hubs to program them to walk!

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