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Robotics Club

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Highlights of our Robotics Club:

  • Longer classes: Each class will last 1.5 hours to allow more complicated builds.
  • Smaller Classes: Limited to 10 students.
  • Minecraft Programming!
  • LEGO NXT and EV3 MINDSTORMS Robotics
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Robotics Club Ages 10-14

Depending upon school your program may contain one or both of the following programs.

 Learn Programming With MineCraft and ComputerCraft! Please view our Parent Letter.
In this class, students will learn programming skills using ComputerCraft in which you can add little robots and computers to the world of MineCraft.  These can be programmed using the LUA scripting language. Students will learn about variables, functions, conditional statements, loops, and more, as well as improving their typing skills in a fun, familiar environment where the results of their work are immediately visible and very rewarding.  Students will conceptualize, write, and debug their very own program using new skills that remain useful outside of the MineCraft environment. The LUA language is a fully featured and freely available programming language that can be used to write applications and games, and is a perfect springboard for learning more complex languages like Java, C++, and others.

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 Please view our Parent Letter for Robotics Club with EV3s. Our older students will be furthering their programming abilities using these  more advanced robots!  What is the difference between a move tank block and a move steering block?  We will find out as we experience several different robots to explore the expanded palate of the EV3’s, incorporating different sensors and types of motors.  The students will be challenged as they participate in building an extreme project building an Elephant that walks, trumpets and picks up objects with it’s trunk. Is your robotics student up to the challenge?

Robotics Club Ages 8 and Up

Depending upon school your program may contain one or both of the following programs.

Minecraft: Please view our Parent letter for 6 or 7 weeks of Minecraft or 12 weeks of Minecraft

In this class, students will learn circuitry and redstone in MineCraft! Redstone can be used in MineCraft to make simple circuits, such as automatic doors and light switches, to complex devices such as hidden trap doors, roller coasters, and automatic farms! Students will learn binary and boolean logic, then apply that knowledge to creating an adding machine in Minecraft!  Next we will move into learning about Command Blocks and their infinite uses! Students will learn to teleport, set game modes, and create reward rooms!

LEGO ® MINDSTORMS® NXT Robotics:  Please view our Parent letter for NXT Robotics. We will build robots designed to explore each of the sensors while obtaining a deeper understanding of what can be accomplished using the Move, Wait, Loop, Sensor and Switch blocks. Once the basics have been grasped your student will compete in the “Robotics Reality Challenge” game.  Each team will design, build and program their own robot using the same sensor, trying to come up with the most unique robot of all!!  Their imaginations run wild in this creative robotics club!