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Art, Sewing and Fashion Design

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Amazing Art for Fall 2016!

We have two exciting Art programs this year:

  • Sew Exciting for Fashionistas: A wonderful Introduction to Sewing and Fashion Design
  • Art Outside the Box: Our newly revised traditional art program

Please click on the age you are interested in:

We are at many schools throughout the Atlanta area. If we are not at your school, please talk to the principal about adding our classes.

We also offer late classes, Homeschool classes and Saturday school! So please view our Schedule page.

Scroll down to see a description of our programs.

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Sew Exciting for Fashionistas: Ages 8-12

Please see our Parent Letter for pictures and more information.

We will be offering all NEW projects this summer with Imagine That’s new Sew Exciting for Fashionistas fashion design and sewing camp! Every fashion designer needs their breakthrough and Imagine That’s Sew Exciting  camp will tap into your child’s creativity, individuality and talent as a fashion designer! Students will learn how to find their own artistic style as they learn the basics of sewing, pattern making, working with fabrics and textiles, as well as fashion illustration and design.  Each day will be an exciting creative journey as students design unique works of art they get to wear and show off to their fellow fashion enthusiasts!

There are many elements to Sewing and Fashion Design. Students will work on understanding:

  • Basic sewing skills 
  • Creative planning and design 
  • Fabric manipulation
  • Accessorizing

Students will learn these basic skills by:

  • Learning about various essential hand stitches and when to use them.
  • Participating in exciting mock dress designing challenges where they will create outfits based on their clients’ wishes.
  • Transferring their creative perspective onto paper as well as miniature dress forms to visualize and plan their very own fashion line.
  • Creating functional, wearable garments and accessories. Project Runway here we come!

Art Outside the Box: Ages 5-7 and 8-12

Please view our Parent Letter: Our ALL NEW artistic creations encourage growth, creativity, and appreciation of the arts!! Your child will be delighted with all the colorful, hands-on, imaginative projects that they create!  You will be impressed with the knowledge of design, art history and technique they will learn in each class! Let us show you how we make art fun and educational as we design the world in our new and innovative after school classes!

Created by a Georgia certified art educator with a passion for creating and innovative teaching we feel that your child will be pleased by what they are learning!

Our program is thoughtfully designed with budding artists in mind. Students will be delighted with brand new exciting and educational art projects. Lessons that focus on the way art can impact the student's future will entice the older students as they learn about graphic design and comic book creations.

We at Imagine That! also take great pride in the work we do with educating our students about the importance of community awareness like recycling, community involvement and protecting our environment. The new art curricula holds this dearly, as students will work on projects they can donate, like pillow cases, and will learn new ways to recycle goods in creative and imaginative sculptures! 

Most importantly, the students will come out of this after-school class with a newly founded appreciation in art and themselves as artists. Just as the world is a stage,it is also a museum.. be ready to embrace the next Van Gogh or O'Keeffe to grace it with creative brilliance!

This spring our projects will include:

  • Painted flower pots!
  • Colorful still life paintings!
  • Hand-printed cards!
  • Creative animal collages!
  • Art inspired by artists!
  • Color wheel designs!
  • Clay creatures!
  • Colorful landscapes!
  • Dynamic drawings!
  • Paper weavings inspired by folk art!
    All supplies are included.  Classes are held at your school.