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Imagine That! offers our fun and educational STEAM programs (Science, Art and Technology) for preschool children at schools around the Atlanta area plus a 3 hour preschool program at our learning center.




Overview of Preschool Programs:

Technology: Techno-Wiz’s Amazing Machines!

Children will build it, break it, shape it and make it in this exciting hands-on early LEGO®  engineering exploration!  Does your child love to build?   How about using hand friendly tools?  
Using our engaging story starters, the children will use their imaginations and building skills to create a town.  Next they will have the opportunity to tell the story of the house, tractor, or machine they built. Great for communication skills! What happened today in their Lego brick village?  Why don’t we ask them and find out!

Science: Imagination Mix Up

  • Your child will get excited as they create puppets and masks that go along with stories, songs and experiments about animals, plants and the environment. Wait until they tell you about how they went through complete metamorphosis as they change from caterpillars to butterflies. They will learn about predator and prey, owls, bees, habitats and lots more! They will make themselves into glow in the dark lightening bugs.
  • Our engaged children will explore science behind the making of ice cream, sun tea, cookies, and more. See why baking soda is needed and what happens when it reacts with vinegar as they blow up their gloves!
  • Don't miss this exciting adventure! This class fills up very fast!

Every week your child will be saying:  “ Is this Imagine That! day?”  

Art Adventures:

Our art projects will reflect and expand many of the subjects covered in our science. Our fun hands on art for little hands include fruit sculptures, color wheel cookies and butterflies and bird pictures. We will learn the science and art of color mixing. The puppets that they make will help the children with their verbalization skills as they tell the puppets story.

3 hour Creative Explorers Learn and Play Morning Program

Objectives: Provide exceptional, educational programs in

a friendly small group setting using positive reinforcement.

  • Stimulate the childrens' love for learning by using
  • multi-intelligence teaching methods.
  • Give your children an excellent basis in science, technology and art.
  • Create a positive experience that makes the children love learning.

To see our schedule at our partner schools please click the schedule link.

Details for classes at our learning center

  • Ages 3-young 5's
  • Maximum number of students-12
  • Location: Dunwoody Learning Center
  • Hours 9:30 - 12:30.
  • Your child will have 45 minutes each of Science, Art and Technology each day.  Please see below for details of these programs.
  • 8 Week Session
    • Wednesdays:
      • Session 1: Sept. 30-Nov. 18
  • Program and Early registration fee options:
    • $240 Early registration fee for registrations received by Sept. 21.
    • $260 Regular Registration fee
  •  Providing that space is available in the class the drop in fee is $36.  You must call ahead to reserve a space.
  • To sign up, please go to the schedule and fees page and look for the Creative Explorers program.
  • You can sign up for individual classes or the full preschool program.