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Science & Engineering

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We offer amazing Hands-On Science classes for Spring 2017

See descriptions below for classes by grade. Please click on the age you are interested in:

To see what is offered in Fall 2016, please click here.

These programs are our Science Only options! Please click on Techno-Science button for our science and technology combinations.

If we are not at your school, please talk to the principal or Head Master about adding our classes.

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Grades K-2nd Traveling Through Time!

Explore geology, caves, dinosaurs and more!

  • Please view our Parent Letter here.
  • As we explore fascinating earth and prehistoric science we will go spelunking as we study caves, the formations within and the animals that live there. 
  • We will make crystals, and learn about rocks and minerals.
  • Next its on to prehistoric earth as we create a volcano, dig through fossils, and investigate amazing facts about dinosaurs!

Grades 3-5 Flights of Fancy

Please view our Parent Letter here.

Wait until your child brings home their own glider that they made and can explain the principles of atmospheric flight to you!   What forces are acting on the remote controlled plane that they flew!

What does the pressure of the atmosphere have to do with flight?  Come join the fun as our students become experts!


 Imagine That! and Future Tech is dedicated to higher understanding of STEM and Art through hands-on education. With 20 years of experience and 37 schools offering our programs, we are confident that your child will get excited about what we are teaching!