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Technology & Robotics

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All new adventures for Spring 2017

We have an amazing and educational technomania program where we offer exciting Technology, Programming and Robotics classes.

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To view what we are offering in Fall 2016 please click here.

The first slide show highlights all of our Technology classes and the second slide show previews our Programming and Robotics classes.

If we are not at your school, please talk to your principal or head master about adding our classes.


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Ages 5-7    Robo-Rangers: An Adventure Into Programming, Robotics & Simple Machines

1 hour and 15 minutes

All new adventures this spring!  Just wait until your child tells you about the amazing world of programming, robotics, and technology that they will explore in this adventure of a lifetime!

Imagine That!  kids will program a Walking Croc, a Happy Wolf and a Swimming Turtle with Lego® Educations We Do Construction set!

We will learn about motorized and simple machines as we build a Hammer and a Swiveling Tank or a Battering Ram among others.
Improve your child’s programming capabilities on our tablets with Hour of Code: Foos or Box Island and Scratchjr. This is how we are meant to learn!

  • The following will be incorporated into this class.
    • Programming with LEGO Education WeDo® Robots, ScratchJr., and Foos
    • LEGO® Education Technology including Motorized and Simple Machines.

They will think they are just having fun, but we know that they are learning!

Ages 8-12 Robo-Tech: Your child's adventure into Robotics and Technology

1 hour and 15 minutes

  • All new adventures for Spring. Note: Must be  8 or up for this program. Using the “Domabot” we will open the door to the NXT programming environment.  Through learning the components of a robot and discovering the flow sequence of a series of commands students will advance to a programming challenge.  

  • Your child will amaze their friends with their ability to program their own games and videos! They will create challenges and games for their classmates to test using reasoning, sequential thought and Scratch Programming! We will also introduce Alice 2.2!  This tool is the next step in programming videos which allows the students to control facial features and realistic body movements while creating their own storyline.

  • Engineering and Architectural skills will be utilized using LEGO® Architecture Studio and motorized machines.  We will learn to draw, design and build their own creations just like the Master Builders at LEGO!

  • Watch the love for technology spark in your child as we make learning FUN!
  • The following will be incorporated into the class.
    • LEGO MINDSTORMS® NXT Robots. EV3's will be added if time permits.
    • Programming with Scratch and Alice 2.2
    • Motorized, Pneumatic and advanced Simple Machine
    • LEGO Architure Studio
    View our video here.

Robotics Club: Minecraft Programming and MINDSTORMS Robots

This program is outlined in detail on our Robotics Club Page.

This is an amazing program for Robotic enthusiast. In order to focus on the programming and robotics the class will be longer and the sessions shorter. The classes will be limited to 10 children.

We will be offering Minecraft Programming and LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotics in the club.


To view our Fall 2015 program information, please click here.