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Fall 2016

This STEM class is an exciting combination of Hands-On Science, Technology and Robotics

We offer our program for Preschool, Early Elementary and Older Elementary. Please look at the exciting subjects we have in store for your child. The schedule and registration pages will reflect the correct age group for your school.

Please view our slide shows to see some of the exciting projects from our classes and camps.

If we are not at your school, please talk to the principal about adding our classes. We would love to see you!


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Fall 2016

This program is Techno-Science (Science and Technology combined). If you are interested in Technology or Science only, please click on blue Technomania or Science button above.

In our Techno-Science class we alternate every two or three weeks between Science and Technology/Robotics/Programming.   

Rockets Away! for Grades K-2nd

Please view our Parent Letter here.


  • Blast off Balloon Rockets, Bottle Rockets, Chemical Rockets, Straw Rockets, and Estes Rockets.

  • Learn about Newton's Laws as we make a Newton's Car, explore magical inertia chips, and a Balloon Car and learn the principles of rocket flight.

  • Go through astronaut boot camp where children make their space pendant, learn about gravity and lots more!
    Next we will explore our solar system, comets and our glittering  galaxy!

Technology: Robo-Rangers: An Adventure Into Programming, Robotics & Simple Machines

Your child will go on a technology and robotics  adventure as they build activities using simple machines and drop and drag programming with motorized LEGO® We Do ™ Robots. Build and program a “Spaceportfor your ship to dock at as you pass the “Satellite” circling the planet Mars where your child discovers the “Mars Bugs” and “Mini Martians”.

    • Programming with LEGO Education WeDo® Robots, Scratchjr., and Foos
    • LEGO® Education Technology including Motorized Machines.

They will think they are just having fun, but we know that they are learning!

Rockets and Robots Grades 2-5

Please note: Your child must be 8 for this program. Please view our Parent Letter here.


  • Your youth will be very excited as they get to make and use bottle rockets, chemical rockets, Estes rockets and more.
    We will learn about overcoming inertia as we make our own rockets and test them.   Students will learn and apply the three laws of Inertia as we discover the relationship between fuel, propulsion and BLAST OFF!

  • We will learn these principles through the use of water and air pressure assisted rockets, chemical rockets and solid fuel rockets.  You don’t want to miss this one! 

Unifying Science Through Engineering:  While they will love the challenges presented, you will love that your child has come away from this great program with an understanding of the scientific principles that the challenges are focused upon.

Technology: Robo-Tech: Your child's adventure into Robotics and Technology

  • Our students will go technically crazy as they MINDSTORM their way through robotics and programming, creating amazing robots with sensors. We challenge your child in building and programming using Lego® NXT’s MINDSTORM ROBOTS® . Watch for the Mars Rover builds!
  • Your child will amaze their friends with their ability to program their own games and videos! They will create challenges and games for their classmates to test using reasoning, sequential thought and Scratch Programming! We will also introduce Alice 2.2!  This tool is the next step in programming videos which allows the students to control facial features and realistic body movements while creating their own storyline.
  • Watch the love for technology spark in your child as we make learning FUN!
  • The following will be incorporated into the class. Please click here for full description of each.
    • LEGO MINDSTORMS® NXT Robots. We will add EV3's as time and ability permit.
    • Programming with Scratch and Alice 2.2
    • Motorized, Pneumatic and advanced Simple Machine

    View our video here.