Build It and Break It by the Power of Engineering

Exciting Science and Engineering Program for Grades 3-6 Fall 2018

Our Dynamic Engineers will power and propel vortex cannons, potato launchers and Newton’s cars using many fun principles of engineering!

Please view our detailed Parent Letter.  In our Future Engineers Designing Series we will build it and break it with bridges and geodesic dome designs.

Our Brain Teasers will include how to make a water balloon helmet that will withstand impact.  We will also explore the magic of fluorescence.

Our Sound Techs will explore how sound and hearing work as they work with thunder tubes, screaming balloons, palm pipes and do a model sonar search.

Unifying Science Through Engineering:  While they will love the challenges presented, you will love that your child has come away from this great program with an understanding of the scientific principles that the challenges are focused upon.

Our students will learn the basic principles of structural design including:

  • Trusses, levers, arches, compression, tension, material strength, planning and implementation.
  • As the students use scientific inquiry, they will learn teamwork and problem solving in a creative and fun way.