Dynamic Engineering and Robotics

This STEM class is an exciting combination of Hands-On Science, Technology, Robotics and Programming for Grades 2-7 (ages 8 and up). Fall 2018.

Read more about the science and tech below. Parent Letter for Dynamic Engineering and Robotics


  • Domes
  • Study of Bridge Structure
    Study of Bridge Structure
  • Vortex
  • Stick Breaking Paper
    Stick Breaking Paper
  • Study of Trusses
    Study of Trusses

Our Dynamic Engineers will power and propel vortex cannons, potato launchers and Newton’s cars using many fun principles of engineering!

Our Sound Techs will explore how sound and hearing work as they explore thunder tubes, screaming balloons, palm pipes and do a model sonar search.

In our Future Engineers Design It series we will build it and break it with bridges and geodesic dome designs.

We will also explore the magic of fluorescence and lots more!

Unifying Science Through Engineering:  While they will love the challenges presented, you will love that your child has come away from this great program with an understanding of the scientific principles that the challenges are focused upon.

Our students will learn the basic principles of structural design including:

  • Trusses, levers, arches, compression, tension, material strength, planning and implementation.
  • As the students use scientific inquiry, they will learn teamwork and problem solving in a creative and fun way.

Technology: Your child’s adventure into Robotics and Technology

  • Coding

Coding: Imagine That! kids will learn LUA, a Coding Language using CodeCombat!  Students will use this platform to learn the science behind computer programming. We choose an Avatar to win armor and gems while writing LUA code and play the game in real time. Writing Basic Syntax first, students move to higher levels using Loops, Algorithms and Conditionals battling their way to victory with each correct coding sentence.

Gaming: New! Let’s create our own game using Roblox Studio!  While your child has been busy playing everybody else’s games on Roblox, they could have been making their own!  Well, we’ll fix that!  Students will create and play their game as they learn all about directionals, anchors and how to make a game that others will be challenged by.  Each week we will progress until all students test each other’s game out.  This is too much fun!!

Robotics:  New!  The Express bot will be built with Lego ® MINDSTORMS® NXT’s! All robots built will use the express bot as a base.  With additions to the build we will make a remote-controlled Forklift and then will play a game of Tag Bot.  The base bot gets our students started programming with the basics.  The Forklift adds touch sensors to move and control the lifting action of the bot.  Our challenge will be to navigate to an object, lift it and return it to the starting point. The Tag bot adds touch sensors to the bumper and an ultrasonic sensor to detect the other bots to tag with the motor-controlled tag arm.  The challenge will be to sense and then tag other robots to put them out of commission.

Machines: With Lego ® Simple and Powered Mechanisms our students will become scientists and engineers while understanding mechanical and structural principles in machines used in everyday life. Using technic bricks our students will build Big Game Fishing, Circus Magna and The Walker! Each of these activities will offer their own challenge. Circus Magna and Big Game Fishing employ magnets to produce power and movement while the Walker is motorized with levers using gears and a ratchet help it “Walk” around.