Electrified and Robified

This STEM class is an exciting combination of Hands-On Science, Technology, Robotics and Programming for Grade K-2.  Fall 2018

We have lots of BRAND NEW concepts for your child!  These include


Our Mystery Science will be experiments with lots of WOW factors built in. But don’t worry, they will still be learning the principles behind the amazing things they see and do.

Children will build it, break it, shape it and make it in this exciting hands-on engineering exploration. If you think this sounds like fun, we will explore  palm pipes, singing tubes, thunder tubes, and cups that talk!  We will not only learn how sound is generated, we will also learn how we hear sound!

We will electrify their imaginations as we create our own magnets, circuits, electromagnets, create eddy currents and more. Wait until you hear about our buzzing and lighting human circuit machine!

The children will glow with excitement as we study fluorescence and bio-luminescence. Watch fluorescent eggs grow 100 times their normal size!  They will yell Don’t Bug Me as we study lovable and not so lovable insects.

Your child will wish everyday was Imagine That! Day!

Technology: Robo-Rangers: An Adventure Into Programming, Robotics & Simple Machines

  • Boost Robot
    Boost Robot
  • WeDo Robot
    WeDo Robot
  • Coding
  • Motorized Machine
    Motorized Machine
  • WeDo Robot
    WeDo Robot
  • WeDo Robot
    WeDo Robot

Coding:  How great would it be if you had been able to start writing code at an early age? Monster Code Schule uses fun characters to turn on Lanterns and collect Stars by drag and dropping commands in a correct sequence. Robo Rangers will learn about algorithms, loops, sequences and conditionals on their way to learning to write code on their own.

Using what they learned with Monster Code Schule, writing and understanding code will come easily to our students because they will begin writing code using LOGO. Once again, they write sequences with loops, conditionals and algorithms, but this time they will write the code with Basic Syntax.  Just the first step our Rangers take to unlocking the secrets of computer coding and programming!

Robotics:  Boost Robots:  We will be introducing our newest Robot during our class!  Boost is the newest robotics kit available to our younger robotics kids. Students will build a base robot as they begin to learn the programming process.  Once the kids get the basics down, they will create, then program their own animal bot using coding tricks they just learned.

Fall brings new Adventure Bots for kids at Imagine That! with Lego® WeDo Construction sets! Exploring nature (and imagination) as they build, kids will Ride the rapids in the Canoe, Bungee Jump from the highest heights and learn to ski behind the Ski Boat.  Our students will build then program machines to move, the computer to make sounds, and imaginations to soar!  Sequences and programming are being reinforced through each activity.

As time permits in our longer sessions:

Machines: With Lego Technic bricks our students will learn about Simple Machines; building the different concepts, learning that there are different types of simple machines.  As they advance in understanding, we will build a Gymnast on the parallel bars and a Man Riding a Unicycle and more.  All these activities, including the concepts, can be motorized as time permits.