Robotics Club Spring 2018

Amazing Program for our Minecraft and Robotics enthusiast!

Courses include Minecraft Programming and LEGO NXT MINDSTORMS and EV3  ROBOTS.

Highlights of our exciting Robotics Club:

  • Longer classes: Each class will last 1.5 hours to allow more complicated builds.
  • Smaller Classes: Limited to 10 students.


Robotics Club Ages 10-14

Depending upon the school where the program is offered,  your class may contain one or both of the following programs.  For Students who are continuing from our Fall session, we will progress from where you left off, for new students we will start from the beginning.

Learn Programming With MineCraft and ComputerCraft!

In this class, students will learn programming skills using ComputerCraft in which you can add little robots and computers to the world of MineCraft.  These can be programmed using the LUA scripting language. Students will learn about variables, functions, conditional statements, loops, and more, as well as improving their typing skills in a fun, familiar environment where the results of their work are immediately visible and very rewarding.  Students will conceptualize, write, and debug their very own program using new skills that remain useful outside of the MineCraft environment. The LUA language is a fully featured and freely available programming language that can be used to write applications and games, and is a perfect springboard for learning more complex languages like Java, C++, and others.  Please view our Parent Letter.


For our older students, we offer 3 Robots for Spring session!  The robots will focus on different sensors or motors and how to program them for operations.  Students will need to be able to focus, use reason and work well within a team setting.  The R3ptar can sense an object as it approaches and will strike  without warning using the UltraSonic Sensor.  The Tracker bot has several different grips and attachments that pickup, move and spin around.  For each version of the tracker students will have to use different programming sequences. We are also offering the EVug3, a bug like machine that will use its pincers to grab and pick things up! This spring your students will pack in a lot of learning and even more fun!

Robotics Club Ages 8 and Up

Depending upon the school. your program may contain one or both of the following programs.

Minecraft and Architectural Design 

This class will allow your student’s creativity and knowledge of technology to come together in a bold new way. Using Lego® Architecture Studio and specially designed graph paper, students will draw, design, and build their own creations step by step, just like the Master Builders at Lego!

Students will learn about architectural engineering as they draw, design, and build their own buildings with LEGOS, then they will expand on those ideas and build their design on a much grander scale in Minecraft! Students will use resources to help them build perfect domes and spheres in Minecraft. This is the perfect class for your creative minded,  Minecraft loving student!


Robotics clubs this session will get even more Robot building! Three different robots will be built and programmed, each concentrating on a different sensor!  While programming is very important, having a chance to build different robots is equally satisfying.  These robots will be extended builds.  Students will need to focus and work together to accomplish building and programming in a specific time frame.

The Bumper Car has a bumper in the front of the car that triggers the Touch Sensor every time it runs into a wall, door or person. Once it hits something it will turn and go in another direction until it does it again!    

The Race Car will be able to move along autonomously with the help of the Color sensor telling the car where it is by the colors along the floor.  It will also change gears allowing it to  increase it’s speed.  

The Snake uses the Ultrasonic sensor to  attack when it sees an object getting too close to it.  Students will have a great time building all 3 Bots and learning to Program them too!