Science Classes 3rd-6th Grades

Fall 2017        Wait until your child experiences the amazing Science of Survival Class! 

In our Science of Survival (SOS!) Class we will make our own flashlights, learn how to read a compass, and set a course.

Students will learn about and view bacteria and water born pathogens and how to avoid their side effects in water.

Next we will learn to tie knots and use them to create a basic shelter to protect us from heat and cold! How about learning 20 cool survival uses of duct tape, then making a few of our own?

Wait until you see the take home SOS kit kids create as they learn about how to use each part.  Kit will include a whistle and the Paracord holder, a compass, signal mirror and more!

Spring 2017    Flights of Fancy 

Wait until your child brings home their own glider that they made and can explain the principles of atmospheric flight to you!   What forces are acting on the remote controlled plane that they flew!

What does the pressure of the atmosphere have to do with flight?  Come join the fun as our students become experts!

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