Science Classes Grades K-2

Fall 2017  Archaeology and Mummies

Come with us on an adventure through time as we dig up the past in Archeology, Mummies and More!

In our Science explorations, we will:

  • learn about geology earth science like plate tectonics, volcanoes, erosion and soil science!
  • discover how we learn about people of the past by studying what they leave behind using archeological science to participate in an excavation!
  • use experimental archaeology to create our own mummies, pottery and even mint our own coins!

Spring 2017  Grades K-2nd Traveling Through Time!

Explore geology, caves, dinosaurs and more!
As we explore fascinating earth and prehistoric science we will go spelunking as we study caves, the formations within and the animals that live there.

We will make crystals, and learn about rocks and minerals.

Next its on to prehistoric earth as we create a volcano, dig through fossils, and investigate amazing facts about dinosaurs!