Techno-Science: Robotics, Coding and Science Class Spring 2018

This STEM class is an exciting combination of Hands-On Science, Technology, Robotics and Programming.

We have lots of BRAND NEW concepts for your child!  These include

  • New Coding programs for both age groups.
  • Boost Robots for younger class.

We offer Spy Tech for Grades K-2 and Coding, Crime and Robots for Grades 2nd-5th.    This is how we are meant to learn!

Grades K-2   Spy Tech! Coding, Science and Robotics

Science: Come with us on a spy adventure with Spies and Sleuths!

This is a great “Who dun it?” adventure! Please see Parent Letter Here!

Dr. Lipid is back and boy is he mad! Our arch-enemy is up to no good and we have to stop him!

We are the O.X.Y.S. (Only Excellent Youth Scientists) and we must match our wits against Dr. Lipid, Head of the Organization of M.O.R.O.N.S. (Magical Ogres Reshaping Our Natural Systems). The children will learn many exciting science principles as they learn to solve a crime scene and track Dr. Lipid!

In order to succeed at finding our spy we must unravel clues and secret messages. Each clue will help us learn a new skill to be better spy scientists. These skills include:

These skills include:

  • Becoming detectives by examining finger, foot, and lip prints!
  • Learning Spy Games.
  • Making Alarms to protect our headquarters-the children will learn about circuits.
  • Having fun with a periscope to spy around corners!
  • Using microscopes we will learn to analyze hair, fibers and powders.
  • Analyze flame test and use LOTS of chemistry to analyze powders and chemicals
  • The children will have a grand finale crime scene to practice the skills they have learned.

Technology: Robo-Rangers: An Adventure Into Programming, Robotics & Simple Machines

Coding: NEW! How great would it be if you had been able to start writing code at an early age? Monster Code Schule uses fun characters to turn on Lanterns and collect Stars by drag and dropping commands in a correct sequence. Spy Tech Kids will learn about algorithms, loops, sequences and conditionals on their way to learning to write code on their own.

Using what they learned with Monster Code Schule, writing and understanding code will come easily to our SpyTech kids because they will begin writing code using LOGO. Once again, they write sequences with loops, conditionals and algorithms, but this time they will write the code with Basic Syntax.  Just the first step our ST Kids take to unlocking the secrets of computer coding and programming!

Robotics: NEW!  Boost Robots:  We will be introducing our newest Robot during our class!  Boost is the newest robotics kit available to our younger robotics kids. Students will build a base robot as they begin to learn the programming process.

Spring sees our Spy Tech Kids at Imagine That! going on adventures with Lego® WeDo Construction sets! Rescue Airplane, The Giant Escape and the Sailboat Storm take them to distant places as they build then program machines to move, the computer to make sounds, and imaginations to soar!  Sequences and programming are being reinforced through each activity.

As time permits in our longer sessions:.

Machines: With Lego Technic bricks our students will learn about Levers; building the different concepts to understand that there are different types of levers.  As they advance in understanding, we will build a Drumming Machine and a Windshield Washer.  All of these activities, including the concepts, can be motorized as time permits.

Grades 2-6   CSI DeTECHtives: Coding, Crime Scenes, and Robots!

Become CSI DeTECHtives in this great Science and Technology class!

Your child must be a minimum of 8 years old to take this program.  To learn more about this program please view our Parent Letter.

Science:  Come behind the Crime Scene tape in our CSI Adventure

Are you ready to understand the serious science that takes place behind the yellow crime scene tape? Well, this is your chance! In order to succeed at solving the crime scenes presented we must unravel clues and secret messages-both invisible and cryptic. Each clue will make us learn a new skill to be better investigative scientists. This is one cool class!

These skills include:

  • Cell and DNA analysis using microscopes, models and DNA extraction
  • Using flame test and LOTS of chemistry to analyze powders.
  • Learning to dust for and analyze fingerprints
  • Collecting and comparing lip prints
  • Handwriting analysis
  • Using microscopes to analyze hair, fibers and powders
  • Plant analysis
  • Comparing Bite Marks and skeletal clues
  • Blood and Hair Analysis

Technology: Your child’s adventure into Robotics and Technology

Coding: New!  As an investigator, your student will need to be able to find clues on a computer if need be. CSI DeTECHtives learn Coding Language using CodeCombat!  Students will use this platform to learn the science behind computer programming. DeTECHtives will choose an Avatar and win armor and gems as they write Python code and play the game in real time. Writing Basic Syntax first, DeTECHtives move to higher levels using Loops, Algorithms and Conditionals battling their way to victory with each correct coding sentence.  

Robotics:  Robots will be built and programmed with Lego ® MINDSTORMS® NXT’s! Each robot built will concentrate on different functions.  Our first robot will focus on the Touch Sensor. Added to the front end of the robot the touch sensor will depress when it comes into contact with a solid object. Programming will ensure that the bot will back up and turn in a different direction. The Ultrasonic Sensor robot will not need to have physical contact with a solid object. It will sense the wall  it’s headed toward and redirect its progression.  The last bot we program will be a Light sensor bot.  This bot will DeTECt different colors with the programming telling the bot if it is going the right way.

Machines: With Lego ® Simple and Powered Mechanisms our students will become scientists and engineers while understanding mechanical and structural principles in machines used in everyday life. Using technic bricks our students will build The Tower Crane, A Land Yacht and The Hammer! Each of these activities will offer their own challenge.  Are our DeTECHtives up for it? The Tower Crane uses a Pulley system to lift heavy loads.  How much speed can be used in lifting?  What kind of load might slow it down?  The Land Yacht can move when it has wind power.  How much speed can the Yacht achieve?  What could we do to make the Land Yacht move faster?  The Hammer pounds gears with force.  Is a different force needed for different gears?  What might cause this to happen?  DeTECHtives will solve these puzzles with the science behind Forces, natural and mechanical!