This STEM class is an exciting combination of Hands-On Science, Technology, Robotics and Programming.  Programs are for Grades K-2nd and 3rd-5th

Fall 2017  Programs

Grades K-2

Science: Come with us on an adventure through time as we dig up the past in Archeology, Mummies and More!

In our Science explorations, we will:

-learn about geology earth science like plate tectonics, volcanoes, erosion and soil science!

-discover how we learn about people of the past by studying what they leave behind using archeological science to participate in an excavation!

-use experimental archaeology to create our own mummies, pottery and even mint our own coins!

Technology: Robo-Rangers: An Adventure Into Programming, Robotics & Simple Machines

What an exciting way to start a new school year!  Imagine That! classes for our younger students will include LEGO® Early Simple and Powered Machines that focus on the basics of what a simple machine is and how it works.  Lego We Do® Education and Construction Set will allow students to learn building and programming skills using Drag and Drop programming while building exciting projects with sounds, backgrounds and robotic movement!

Using tablets, students will gain further knowledge of coding and programming with learning games like Box Island and the Foo’s!

With Lego’s new More to Math Builder program, students will build activities to solve math problems!  Sit back and watch Imagine That! kids STEAM ahead!

They will think they are just having fun, but we know that they are learning!

Grades 3-6

Science: Wait until your child experiences the amazing Science of Survival Class!

In our Science of Survival (SOS!) Class we will make our own flashlights, learn how to read a compass, and set a course. Students will learn about and view bacteria and water born pathogens and how to avoid their side effects in water. Next we will learn to tie knots and use them to create a basic shelter to protect us from heat and cold! How about learning 20 cool survival uses of duct tape, then making a few of our own? Wait until you see the take home SOS kit kids create as they learn about how to use each part.  Kit will include a whistle and the Paracord holder, a compass, signal mirror and more!

Technology: Your child’s adventure into Robotics and Technology

      Imagine That! kids will get a kick out of this fall session! With Lego ® Simple and Powered Mechanisms our students will become scientists and engineers while understanding mechanical and structural principles in machines used in everyday life.

Robots will be built and programmed with Lego ® MINDSTORMS ® NXT’s! We learn to program the basics with Time, Degrees and Rotations and move on to sensors.  Programming abilities will be tested in the Maze Challenge. Students will build their own maze and program their robots to navigate it.

Students learn programming and coding through Scratch and other languages.

Structural Engineering will be explored using Lego ®Architecture Studio. Lessons focus on Form, Light, Scale, Balance and more and how it all relates to creating and building solid, supported structures.

The following will be incorporated into the class.

  • LEGO MINDSTORMS® NXT Robots. EV3’s will be added if time permits.
  • Programming with Scratch and Alice 2.2
  • Motorized and advanced Simple Machine
  • LEGO Architecture Studio