Wacky Science Magic

Exciting Hands-On Science for Grades k-2.

 Spring 2019.

Dr. Lipid is back and boy is he mad! Our arch enemy is up to no good and we must stop him!

Mystery and Magic are yours as the O.X.Y.S. (Only Excellent Youth Scientists) match their wits against Dr. Lipid, Head of the Organization of M.O.R.O.N.S. (Magical Ogres Reshaping Our Natural Systems). Wait until you see the exciting science principles that your child will learn.  Children will use these principles to work their way through a maze and out of the Castle of Dr. Lipid! We will use many mysteries to escape from the castles rooms:

  • Vacuum that draw eggs into a bottle
  • Pass strings through our necks
  • Magically change a liquid’s color with Acids and Bases
  • Make a can come when called
  • See boxes defy gravity
  • Use flame tests to analyze chemicals and make magic mud
  • Crush a can with atmospheric pressure