Updated for 2018-2019 School Year!

We offer many sessions throughout the year! Coding, Minecraft, Robotics, Sewing, Video Production, Science and Art!

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Each session is 7 weeks with a different subject each time.

All classes are held at our Learning Center located at: 6365 Spalding Drive, Suite E. Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

  • Session 1: Dates: 9/8-10/27             Commanding Minecraft (Ages 8-11) and Sew Your Art Out (Ages 7-11)
  • Session 2: Dates: 11/3-1/12              Robotics (Ages 8-12) and Science, Robotics and Tech (Ages 5-7)
  • Session 3:  Dates: 1/19-3/16            Coding (Ages 8-12 and 5-7)
  • Session 4: Dates:  3/23-5/18           Video Production (ages 8-12), Science and Art Adventures (Ages 5-7)

Session 1:  

  • Fee:  
    • Early registration by 8/30:  $203
    • Regular registration:  $223
  • Dates: 9/8-10/27   No class day: 10/6 
  • Time: 10:00 am-12:00 pm


8-11 years old      Commanding Minecraft

Students will learn the basics of game and level design using Command Blocks in Minecraft! They will create their own adventure map and game in Minecraft.  Great introduction to game design without having to learn a programming language. Must have Minecraft experience on computer.


7-11 years old      Sew Your Art Out

An exciting camp for students who love to sew and want to let their creativity soar through arts and crafts! Please view our Parent Letter.

Sewing: Everyone who sews needs a set of tools, so students will design a sewing kit from a paper box that they will decorate.   Next they will gather and learn about their sewing tools. To complete their sewing kit, students will make a sock donut that functions as a pin cushion!

Next, the students will create little booklets containing information about different stitches and types of fabrics. Does your child want to make clothes? The students will spend a day designing and sewing dresses on doll forms using a variety of materials. Using scrap fabric for upcycling purposes, students will make a pencil case and a mini pillow with a scrap fabric flower.

Arts and Crafts: Students will design their way through a refresher on the color wheel: implementing primary, secondary, complementary, and analogous color knowledge. Using their understanding of the color wheel, students will create an out of this world kaleidoscope to take home! Using a weaving loom, students will make a decorative frame to display the tissue paper artwork they will create.  Students will learn about famous artists Claude Monet and Jackson Pollock while creating a water scene and a group effort splatter painting.

Session 2:  

  • Fee:  
    • Early registration by 10/15:  $203
    • Regular registration:  $223
  • Dates: 11/3-1/12   No class days: 11/24, 12/22, 12/29, and 1/5
  • Time: 10:00 am-12:00 pm

5-7  years old       Science, Robotics and Tech:  Electrified and Robified

This STEM class is an exciting combination of Hands-On Science, Technology, and Robotics

Read all about this class here.

Science will include electricity and magnetism, sound, fluorescence, and lovable insects.
Technology will include boost robots, coding, and machines.


Ages 8-12    Robo-Tech

Imagine That! kids will get a kick out of this Saturday School! With Lego ® Simple and Powered Mechanisms our students will become scientists and engineers while understanding mechanical and structural principles in machines used in everyday life.

Robots will be built and programmed with Lego ® MINDSTORMS ® NXT’s! We learn to program the basics with Time, Degrees and Rotations and move on to sensors. Programming abilities will be tested in the Maze Challenge. Students will build their own maze and program their robots to navigate it.

Structural Engineering will be explored using Lego ®Architecture Studio. Lessons focus on Form, Light, Scale, Balance and more.  We will discover how this relates to creating and building solid, supported structures.

Watch the love for technology spark in your child as we make learning FUN!

Session 3:  Coding

  • Fee:  
    • Early registration by 1/10:  $203
    • Regular registration:  $223
  • Dates: 1/19-3/16   No class days:  2/16 and 3/9
  • Time: 10:00 am-12:00 pm

8-12  Years Old  Creative Coding  

Wouldn’t your student like to progress beyond programming?  We are now offering Coding Language classes using CodeCombat.  As each level is achieved, such as Basic Syntax, students will move on to higher levels where they will battle their way to gain gems with each correct coding sentence.  Our first session will do battle using Python!



5-7  Years Old    Coding Crazy!

 How great would it be if you had been able to start writing code at an early age? Our younger students are going to experience 3 or 4 different coding languages in our coding course.  The goal is to expose students to the bare bones of coding languages.They will learn Basic Syntax, Loops and Algorithms with Logo, Scratch, Python or Html.  You will be amazed at how much they learn!

Session 4: 

  • Fee:  
    • Early registration by 3/13:  $203
    • Regular registration:  $223
  • Dates: 3/23-5/18   No class days 3/30 and 4/6
  • Time: 10:00 am-12:00 pm

8-12  Lights, Camera, Action 

This amazing class will introduce Video Production and Stop Motion Videos.

Video Production: We will cover the art of composition.  This includes storyboarding lighting, audio, the rule of thirds, and deciding which shots are worthy of final video.

Students will learn the history of filmmaking and the technical skills needed for filming and editing.  Each day will build upon what was learned previously with the final product being displayed at the  Imagine That! Film Festival!

Stop Motion Video Production: Then we are on to an introduction to Stop Motion Videos where students will create their own stop motion film.  Students will need to use their Sequential Reasoning capabilities and thought processes to create their video.  First, students need to lay out a plan that starts with a story-line followed by the storyboard. As students begin to set up their stage they will have to check and test all equipment for glitches!  In stop motion filming, every step must be taken in the correct order, one small movement at a time, just as a robot is programmed to move from point A to point B.  Using logic and creativity results in all around great fun!

5-7  Hawaiian Treasure Hunt: An Art and Science Adventure

Come join us on our exciting adventure!  We found a secret treasure map and must follow Dr. Lipid, our arch enemy, through the Hawaiian Isles to see if we can catch him there.

Science: We will explore treasure maps, decode invisible messages, and create iridescent fish on the Island of Oahu.  Children will get to make boats so we can move between the islands.  When we arrive in Kauai we learn about and create a jelly fish from GAC and explore properties of water.  As we study the Big Island, we will blast off volcanoes and learn about the rain forest! Next, we gaze up into space and study the stars from the highest mountain, Mauna Kea.  We will then look back in time as we do an anthropology dig and look at petroglyphs.

Art: The Art will be comprised of making a lei, beautiful sand pictures, 3-d fish art, and more!