Party Information

Please note: Due to our huge number of summer camps we do not offer Birthday Parties from May 14-Sept. 5th

Science Parties:

5 Great Parties to Choose From. Fee $190. Additional fees for over 12 children. Additional fee to hold party our our location. Please see below for additional information.

Make Me a Magician Ages 5-10

  • Become a real magician as you learn the science behind the magic!
  • Learn optical illusions as you learn how to pass a string through your neck (take home).
  • Use a chemical reactions to change liquids of one color to a very different color!
  • Suck an egg into a bottle by creating a vacuum!!
  • Make a can come when called using potential energy!
  • Make inertia magic. Learn how magicians pull a table cloth from under china in a smaller, safer version!

Light It Up Ages 6-8

  • Learn and make series and parallel circuits.

Don’t Bug Me!!!!!

Ages 3-6

  • Let your imagination run wild as the children go through the metamorphosis of a simple caterpillar that turns into an elusive butterfly!
  • Explore what it is like to see with compound eyes.
  • Decorate a beautiful butterfly mask or make a glittery butterfly or dragon fly clothes pin art project.

Ages 5-8

  • Explore spiders as we use silly string to learn about spinnerets.
  • Make a web to catch our bugs.
  • Play games using compound eyes and camouflage.
  • Make a spider pet to take home.

Space Out!

Ages 3-6

  • Explore Balloon Rockets and Stomp Rockets (outside only).
  • Make a glow in the dark galaxy on a light switch cover to take home.
  • Learn how we have to overcome inertia to launch a rocket ship with an exciting ball in cup activity.

Ages 6-8

  • Make and take home Alka-Seltzer powered rockets
  • Explore Balloon and/or Bottle rockets (weather dependent).
  • Learn how we have to overcome inertia to launch a rocket ship with Newtons Car!

Who Lived Here? Ages 3-8

  • Our young paleontologists will learn about dinosaurs and fossils!
  • The children will make and take home a fossil print.
  • We will blast off a volcano and make dinosaur toothpaste.
  • Children will make magic mud.

Goo, Gas, Great Balls of Fire! Ages 6-11

  • We will discover some of the great mysteries of science as we study and observe the characteristics of sublimation (going from a solid directly to a gas) and other properties of DRY ICE.
  • We will amaze you as we use a chemical reactions to change liquids from one color to a very different color!
  • In this exciting party the children will make GAC (a fun cross linked polymer) to take home. We will also put a needle through a balloon to demonstrate a cross linked polymer in action.
  • As a grand finale, we will demonstrate a very big exothermic reaction with Big Ooze (weather permitting).

Technology and Robotics

Technomania Ages 4-12

  • Using age appropriate LEGO Technology, the children build exciting moving machines. $225

Tin Can Robot Ages 6-10

  • Children will make and take home a Tin Can Robot. This party is 90 minutes. Fee: $300  (Additional supply fee required of $10/child for take home robot.)

Robotics and Minecraft: Ages 8-14

  • Exciting LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Robots, the children will build and program a robot with sensors: This party is 90 minutes. Fee: $300
  • Minecraft Play! Can you imagine more fun than you and your best friends interacting with minecraft? This party is 90 minutes: Fee: $360 Currently at our location only. Fee includes location fee.

Artrageous Art Parties

Just how much fun can a party be? Fees are based on 12 children.

  • Jewelry or Decorate a Jewelry boxes: make jewelry or decorate jewelry box. Fee: $190
  • Tie-dye T-shirts: Wait until you see the vibrant colored T-shirt that the children have made! $210
  • Painted Ceramic : The children will choose a pre-made ceramic piece to paint. $210
  • T-shirt Design. Let the children’s imaginations go wild as they design and paint a T-shirt. $210
  • Bird houses painting: Great for older children. Learn how to paint a model birdhouse that will become a favorite room decoration. $230

More Party Information

  • Click here for lots of common questions regarding our parties. You can also see pictures of our party room here.
  • Click here for a complete list of fees and party details.
  • To request a party, please click on this Party request form. We will contact you to finalize or discuss questions you may have. You may also call (770) 455-1980 and ask to speak to the party coordinator. Please note, the information on this form will help the coordinator with your request.
  • Parties are 45-50 minutes, or if you want even more fun, combine two science parties for $290.00. The price for double parties that contain Technology or Art is $320. (Note there are no double parties for Minecraft or MINDSTORMS)
  • Prices quoted are for up to 12 children.
  • Fees for additional children and large parties.
  • Single Party: $6 per additional child for science parties and $8 per child for technology and art parties. Please ask for quote for parties of 20 or more. Please keep in mind that hands on activities take more time with large groups. If the party runs over the additional fee is $50 per 30 minutes. You will have the option of limiting the activities if you wish to stay within the allotted time.
  • Double Party: $12 per additional child for Science only. $16 per additional child for parties that include Technology or Art and $24 for double party for Minecraft and MINDSTRORMS.
  • We will come to your location or you can bring your party to us. Facility Use fee – $40 for 2 hour party. $60 for double party. Additional $30 for each 20 minutes or portion thereof. Maximum number of children at our location: 16. Please note that there is limited space for adults so please maximize the total at 14 for our location.
  • There is a $1 per mile charge for parties more than 8 miles from our office.