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Here are what the parents have been saying:

Testimonials on YELP 5 Stars!

Testimonials on Groupon 92% thumbs up!

From our surveys:

After School Classes: Child's comments to parent from our surveys. If you are in our class, please add your comments!

  • Frey Elementary: Robotics Club and Science: Today was awesome, I learned... Mom did you know.... He was always very excited about all the things he had learned and done that day in the club.
  • Frey Elementary: Wow mom !!! I love Blast off Engineering. It's so much fun. I love the teacher, she is very nice. She teach me lots of things. I didn't know it this great or else I would have sign up last year too. I will definitely sign up again next school year. I love it and I'm looking forward to learn new things every Thursday. Max.
  • River Eves TechnoScience: I wanna do science again. It's cool
  • Roswell North: Technoscience: He has really enjoyed the robotics and the interaction with Legos, which are both his favorite pasttimes. He also has a lot of personal friends in the class, so that seemed to help as well..
  • Tritt Science: My son always came home talking about the activity. It demonstrated to me that he was interested and enjoyed the program.
  • Spies and Sleuths: After the first class, he said that he didn't want to continue. After the 2nd class, he said that it was so much fun. He loves attending and doesn't want it to end in 4 weeks.
  • Sweet Apple Technoscience:"I wish I could go to Techno-Science every day!"

Summer Camps from Parent Survey

  • Time and Space Camp: My son is very excited to go to camp every morning and is looking forward to going again next year. Ms. Martens.
  • Spies and Sleuths: I love the things my son is learning and he is extremely enthusiast about the camp when he comes home. He is especially excited about building a trap in the next few days. Ms. Shumaker
  • Technically Icky: My son has enjoyed learning about all things icky. :) He comes home talking about what he did that day and what he has learned. It has been fun and educational and I would definitely recommend this program. It has been great!!!! Ms. Hearn

School of Magic

  • Great Fun!   Suzette Romer
  • Thank you for your hard work.  Kelly really enjoyed the class.  Kelly was happy and educated.  Ms Choi Teacher Ms. Brittony
  • Allyson really enjoyed camp. She learned a lot  Diana Gaines
  • Thanks! He had a great time!  Ms. Wiley  Teacher: Ms. Brittony 
  • My three children loved this camp!  Ms. Cigelske  Teachers: Ms. Brittony and Ms. Cassidy

Mini Bots

  • Liked this class a lot.  Will do again next year.  
    Great content-would love to see this offered at the elementary and middle schools where my children go.  Susan Bloom Jump Zone
  • My child could not stop talking about this camp from the minute I picked him up each day.  Will definitely do this again.  Location was PERFECT too!  Ms . Bontrager  Teacher: Mr. Malcolm


  • Imagine That! Learning Center Teacher: Ms .Yolanda My child LOVED this camp!
    My son really enjoyed the camp.  He was very excited to come daily.  We will return. 
    Excellent Program.  Ms. Burton 
  • My son loved this camp.  He already wants to do another camp next year.  Thank you!   Ms. Graham Teacher: Mr. David
  • Very good!  Ms. Patel Teacher: Ms. Rebecca

With over 21 years of experience, we believe your child will find our programs exceptional! We love to get your Reviews of Imagine That! and Future Tech!

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