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Scout Functions

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The following parties are available for scout functions. If you want to have an event for a larger group, please contact us for more information. Please click on the Contact Form link or call us at 770-455-1980

Also, if you have specific badge you are working on, please let us know and we can taylor make an exciting hands on event for your troup.

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Science and Technology Extravaganzas:

6 Great Parties to Choose From


    Become a real magician as you learn how to pass a string through your neck, make a chemical reaction that changes clear liquids to really weird colors, suck an egg into a bottle by creating a vacuum, make inertia magic and much more. Party can be modified to have a Spy Theme with fingerprinting and invisible messages! $190.00


    Let your imagination run wild as the children go through the metamorphosis of a simple caterpillar that turns into an elusive butterfly. Activities can include making butterfly masks, learning how some really bizarre bugs live, playing a camouflage game and worm races. $190.00


    Blast off on Space Ship Imagine That! as we rotate and revolve around the sun, make glow in the dark galaxies, and blastoff rockets . The children will make Balloon Rockets to take home. Your astronaut and their crew will have a great time! $190.00


    Our young paleontologist will learn about dinosaurs, blast off a volcano and create fossils to take home. Or they can become archeologist and study Native Americans as they make headbands or dream catchers with the items that you bartered or traded. $190.00


    Discover some of the great mysteries of science as we make and study the characteristics of GAC and discuss sublimation (going from a solid directly to a gas) and other principles of DRY ICE. And while there won’t really be GREAT balls of fire, we will use the flame test to determine the identity of different white powders. $190


    Using age appropriate LEGO Technology, the children build exciting moving machine. $190

Artrageous Art Parties

  • Just how much fun can a party be? For art parties the base fee is $130.00 plus a per child additional charge depending upon the activity chosen. Parties are between 45 and 90 minutes.
  • Pre-school parties combine stories and art projects to create fascinating memories to last a lifetime.
  • Elementary children love to go home with the following projects!
  • $2.50 addition per child
    • Jewelry and jewelry boxes they've made or painted themselves.
    • Picture Frame Design. The children will paint and design a picture frame using glitter paints, feathers, shells and more.
  • $5.00 addition per child
    • Tie-dye T-shirts: Wait until you see the vibrant colored T-shirt that the children have made!
    • Painted Ceramic : The children will choose a pre-made ceramic piece to paint.
    • T-Shirt Design. Let the children's imaginations go wild as they design and paint a T-shirt.
    • Bird houses painting: Great for older children. Learn how to paint a model birdhouse that will become a favorite room decoration.