Join us for two amazing Robotics and Programming camp!  Best in Atlanta!

 Mini Bots Ages 8-11 Robotics and Programming

Extreme Bots and Building Ages 11-14 Robotics, Programming and Advanced LEGO Builds

Mini Bots: Robotics and Programming

Option R12  Ages 8-11 

Introduction to Programming and Robotics using LEGO MINDSTORMS™ NXT and EV3 Robots and Scratch Programming. The students will have a great time as they really get to understand what makes a robot operate. Please  view our Parent Letter.


Explore Programming and Robotics with Lego® MINDSTORMS® NXT robots!  Mini Bots camp will expose your child to all the sensors used in the NXT Kit. Building the base robots, using every sensor, we will give your child a chance to understand and program them.


Using a basic “Base Bot” children will use the Touch, Light, Sound and Ultrasonic sensors so your child can program more extensively.  With a ground knowledge in sensors and programming your child will build a robot capable of maneuvering around an obstacle course and advance through a series of challenges. We will program your child's’ robot to have a personality!  It will even be able to play a game of golf!!  When is Tee time?


By the end of the week we will move on to the EV3 Robots after students are comfortable with their NXT builds.


Students will create programs to make cartoons, movies, and games, compose music and much more with Scratch and other gaming protocols!
Note: MINDSTORMS Robots will not be taken home.

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Extreme Bots and Building

 Advanced LEGO Builds, EV3 Robots and Programming  Option R 13               Ages 11-14  

An amazing camp for advanced builders and EV3 fans.  Please view our Parent Letter.


This will be for those who LOVE building advanced and complicated structures and LEGO Machines. This technology is reserved for our oldest students only. If your child loves building very challenging structures with LEGOS, this will be the camp for them! The builders will need to have a more in depth knowledge of LEGO building and pieces. The activities are motorized, non-motorized and pneumatics powered. Some of the activities that they build will include a “Walking Dinosaur”, a “Crane” and a motorized “Cable Car”. Click here for pictures of some of our builds.

The projects built will use universal joints, piston connectors, knowledge of structural integrity. Your child will only need to add imagination to step outside the box and try new building techniques.

Programming and Robotics

This adventure begins with building and programming LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3’s using a graphical interface to accomplish tasks.  To begin, your child will build a “Base Bot” used to expand their knowledge of the programming palette. 

Once completed your child will program the bot will go prospecting for minerals on the moon and avoid falling into craters.  As it traverses the landscape it will keep track of hills and valleys to chart the moon's topography.

Students will create programs to make cartoons, movies, and games, compose music and much more with Scratch, Alice 2.0 and other gaming protocols!!

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