Code a Bot (Option CAB) Ages 5-7

 An exciting Robotics, Stop Motion and Coding Summer Camp Adventure!

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Boost Robot: Watch our Video! We are so pleased to be able to bring LEGO ® Boost ®  to our students at Imagine That!  Boost is the newest robotics kit available to our younger robotics kids. Students will build a base robot as they begin to learn the programming process. All instructions and programming are through an App called Boost by LEGO.  The Hub of the robot can connect to the tablet using Bluetooth. Once they are comfortable moving their bots they will add a sensor that detects Color and Distance.  It can also double as a light!

  We will then expand the experience by building Vernie, the robot that moves his arms, turns his head and raises his eyebrows to show expressions.  As students build Vernie, the building instructions pause at a few points for programming sessions.  At first, the platform will show the kids how to program specific moves, but as they build the bot, students have the opportunity to use what they have learned and program on their own!  We are so excited to get programming with Vernie and your students.

Coding:  How great would it be if you had been able to start writing code at an early age? Our younger students are going to experience 3  different coding languages in our coding course.  The goal is to expose students to the bare bones of coding languages. They will learn Basic Syntax, Loops and Algorithms with Box Island, Monster Code Schule, and Fooz.  You will be amazed at how much they learn!

Stop Motion Video: Then we are on to an introduction to Stop Motion Videos where students will create their own stop motion film.  Students will need to use their Sequential Reasoning capabilities and thought processes to create their video.  First, students need to lay out a plan that starts with a story-line followed by the storyboard. As students begin to set up their stage they will have to check and test all equipment for glitches!  In stop motion filming, every step must be taken in the correct order, one small movement at a time, just as a robot is programmed to move from point A to point B. This helps students to gain an understanding of the concepts introduced in coding! Using logic and creativity results in all around great fun!

Come and join the fun!

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