Frequently Asked Class Questions

Dear Parents: the following information will be helpful when you register your child for our class.

You will receive an informational email before your child’s class start that will include the room number, letter to your homeroom teacher, specific pick up procedure, and more.


The best method to register is online, however, if you need to submit a paper registration, please click here

Letter to your child’s Homeroom Teacher

If your child is taking our class, please print this note and fill it out and give to your child’s homeroom teacher notifying them that your child will be attending the Imagine That! Class every week. You will just need to print it out and send it in to your school. We will also notify all teachers, Prime Time, ASP and other After School Program Directors of the children that are in our class. This form will be sent to you with your class information email.

Please be advised that even with these precautions, if your child is a bus rider, your child may be placed on the bus by accident, especially the first week. Although this is a rare occurrence, you may want to be home in case this happens. It is helpful to remind your child to stay at school the morning of the class every week. You also may want to tell the Prime Time Director. It is not uncommon for our fax to Prime Time to get sent to the wrong program.

Pick Up Procedure

Details will be provided in your reminder email.

Late Pick Up Policy:

If your child is not in Prime Time or other after school program, you will need to pick your child up in the assigned room at the end of the program (unless directed differently in your confirmation email. Please note the end time on the Schedule Page. Please remember that there is a late fee of $1/minute for pick-up. Many of our teachers have children that they need to pick-up immediately after class and some have second classes at other locations. I am sure you understand the need for them to leave on time.

Who can pick up your child

Your child will not be allowed to go home with anyone that was not listed on your registration form or otherwise indicated to us without written permission. If you wish to add another name permanently, please send it to us by email. If it is a one-time situation, please send the note with your child and make sure that they keep it with them until the Imagine That! Class. If given to their homeroom teacher, it may never make it to us in time.

After School Programs

If your child is in PrimeTime or another after school program, we will take them back to the program after class. We will inform them ahead of time that your child is in our class, but it would be a good idea for you to let them know as well.


If you wish your child to have a snack, please send one that is easy to eat and not messy. Please do not send any snacks with peanuts.

Information on what we are studying

Please review the parent letter provided.  This parent letter is on the class description page and will be provided with reminder email.

Behavior Contract and Liability Release form

You will need to agree to our behavior contract and Liability release form to register for our programs. You can see this form here.

Parent Feed Back

We always want to hear feedback about our program. We will send an evaluation form at the end of the session, but please feel free to let me know how your child is enjoying the class. Please click here for our parent feedback form.


Payments are due at time of registration.  You may choose the split payment option.


All refunds must be requested in writing by email.

If you cancel at least one week prior to the start of a session, you will receive a refund of all that has been paid less the $60.00 deposit.

If you cancel less than one week prior to the start of a session or after a session has started, there will be no refund issued.

We look forward to a great year with your child!