The following information is for schools that would like to offer our programs as part of their After School Day Care.  In the following situation, the school, not the parents would pay us for our programs.  If you are interested in a program that is paid for by the students, please go to this link to see our regular classes.

Imagine That! & Future Tech offers hands-on fun STEAM based ASEDP Programs  starting at only $5.50 per student! Please see detailed pricing information below.

We are a well-established after school program with over 37 schools and we would love for your school to partake in our exciting, educational and challenging programs! We offer four different subject areas that can be held independently or in any combination to best meet your needs.

Our programs include:

  • Technology, Robotics and Programming
  • Coding and Stop Motion Video
  • Art Adventures
  • Science Discoveries
  • Video Production

Detailed description of each are below.

Program Times, Length and Size

We now offer semester long contracts to make the renewal process easier.  If shorter sessions are desired, we will work with you.

All Technology and Robotics programs are 45-50 minutes long and accommodate 15 to 30 students per session.

For Science, Coding, Stop Motion, Video Production and Art we offer two options in terms of time and size.

  • For 12 – 15 students in a group, we offer 25 minute sessions.
  • For 16 – 30 students in a group, we offer 50 minute sessions.
  • To accommodate larger groups (16-30), we will need your school to provide one assistant who will be hands on.

Note: We can hold multiple sessions per day and come on multiple days to accommodate hundreds of students.

Please note that Technology and Robotics will need to be combined with Coding or another subject for longer sessions.

Program Fees

The price per student will depend on the number of students served. Prices include all supplies including computers and robots.

For schools with 126 or more ASEDP students:

  • Science, Coding and/or Art: $5.50 per student per week.
  • Technology and Robotics: $7.50 per student per week.

For schools with 51 – 125 ASEDP students:

  • Science, Coding and/or Art: $6.25 per student per week.
  • Technology and Robotics: $8.25 per student per week.

For schools with fewer than 50 ASEDP students:

  • Science, Coding and/or Art: $7 per student per week.
  • Technology and Robotics: $9 per student per week.

Program Descriptions:

Our Science Discoveries Classes promote the learning of new problem solving techniques through hands-on science and an interactive story plot. The children learn through seeing, touching and doing! The class is full of ‘aha’ moments and laughter. They learn and become familiar with the critical principles that will be fundamental all through their educational years.



Our Coding classes help students stay ahead of the crowd as they learn coding through multiple languages and programs.

  • K-2nd: Our younger students use Monster Code Schule, Scratch jr, and Foos. They will start writing code using LOGO with MSWLogo. They will write sequences with loops, conditionals and algorithms, but this time they write the code with Basic Syntax. We will also introduce our More To Math Builder program in which students will build activities in a digital platform to solve math problems!
  • 3rd-5th: Our older students will learn a coding language using CodeCombat! They will learn to code in Python. Writing Basic Syntax first, students move to higher levels using Loops, Algorithms and Conditionals battling their way to victory with each correct coding sentence. In addition to this we will also teach programming using Scratch.

Our Robotics and Technology Classes promote planning, leadership, group cooperation, and self-reliance. The students will also develop advanced problem solving through programming, engineering, and designing their own structures and robots!

  • For K-2nd we offer Simple and Motorized Machines through LEGO® Education. We will also offer Robotics and Programming through LEGO WeDo Robots™.
  • For 3rd-5th we offer LEGO Education Machines and NXT MINDSTORMS™ Robotics.


Our Art Adventures Classes promote creativity, self-confidence, and appreciation of the arts. We lead age appropriate art programs offering personalized instruction in drawing, painting and craft activities.




For more detailed information on the programs we offer, please visit our website:

About Us

Imagine That! and Future Tech has provided exceptional STEAM programs for 22 years. We started right here in Dekalb County and are currently offering programs at over 37 schools. Last year we had over 2500 students in our programs. Our ASEDP teachers are college educated and enthusiastic!

Contact us at or call 770-455-1980