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  1. Camper Placement
  2. A Day at Camp or what to bring and wear, schedules, lunch, and more.
  3. Registration Process
  4. About our teachers and student to teacher ratios
  5. Medications
  6. Fees
  7. Refund Policies
  8. T-shirts for fun and projects
Camper Placement
  • Age Group
    • Please note that while we have our themes based on an age range, we frequently divide that Option into two or more different age groups depending on the number of children at camp. Please keep this in mind if you are registering two or more friends of different ages. Please see the policy below.
  • Friends
    • We love to see friends at camp together. Please make sure that when you register your child, that you specify that they want to be with a particular friend. If the friend adds later, please let us know!
    • We work very hard to make sure children are placed with similar aged children. When we have enough students enrolled in a specific age group to split a class, we will do so by dividing the class by age. Therefore, if you wish your child to be with a specific friend who is not the same age, and the group is split, we will move the two children into the the group that, at Imagine That! staff’s determination, will best suit the needs of all children. We typically find that it is best for the younger child to be with a similar age group than to feel like the “youngest child in a class”, especially if there is a large age difference.
  • “My child is very smart and needs to be with an older age group”
    • Since our camps are educational, we have many very intelligent and creative students each year. While we try to be flexible if a child is just a few months short of the cut off for a program in an older age group, we need to respect the other children in our programs by not having much younger children in their camp.
A Day at Camp
  • What to expect? A great time! In addition to that, here is an outline of the day:
    • First 10 minutes: Greetings and free play
    • 5 hour camps:
      • There will be one break with outdoor play if weather is permitting
      • There will be a lunch break.
      • At Jumping facilities we will have our long break in the morning with an opportunity to play on the inflatable’s. The weekdays are usually very quiet in the summer so your child will not be with a lot of other children during play. The classes will be held in the private party rooms. They will have another short play time just before lunch.
    • 6 hour camps:
      • There will be two breaks with outdoor play if weather is permitting
      • There will be a lunch break.
      • At Jumping facilities we will have our long break in the morning with an opportunity to play on the inflatable’s. The weekdays are usually very quiet in the summer so your child will not be with a lot of other children during play. The classes will be held in the private party rooms. They will have another short play time just in the afternoon.
    • The rest of the day will be made up of hands-on activities that are geared to the specific age group. Our staff of engineers and scientists write our science and technology curricula and know how to make it fun. Our Art program is developed by professional artist who love teaching!
    • During extended care, we will play games, watch movies and play outside or inside at play locations.
  • Extended hours:
    • At most camp locations there are early and afternoon extended hours.
    • If the camp is at an indoor inflatable location, the children will have another opportunity for a longer play time on the equipment in the afternoon sessions only. During early care, the equipment will not be inflated. They will also have movie time and game time.
    • At other locations we will have an outdoor play time, a movie time and game time.
  • Lunch and Snacks
    • Snacks
      • We will provide snacks in the morning and afternoon during regular camp hours
    • Lunch
    • Extended day
      • We will not provide breakfast in the morning, but you are welcome to send it with your child. In order to keep the extended care fees to a minimum, we ask you to provide a snack for the afternoon and morning sessions.
  • What to Wear and bring
    • Clothing
      • Please send your child in clothes that can get messy!
      • We will spend a lot of time doing activities both inside and outside.
      • Please make sure the clothes are play clothes.
    • Camp Forms
      • When you registered, you filled in our forms. However, there will be an additional form for the indoor play and skating locations. You will need to sign that form the first day of camp. They will be at the location.
    • Skin Protection
      • All children should have sunscreen put on in the morning before camp. If they have very sensitive skin, you can send a hat or more sunscreen. Just make sure their name is on anything they bring.
    • Home Wish List
      • Please save and bring the following. (If you do not have these, don’t worry, but it really helps!)
        • Broken VCR, stereos or other machines to take apart (no TV’s or glass objects).
        • Baby food jars
        • Paper Towel tubes
        • Toilet Paper Tubes
        • Wrapping paper tubes
        • Newspaper – need lots!
        • Large and small coffee cans with lids
        • Smocks for art class. Old adult shirt with arms cut out.
        • Small 6 oz. soda bottles or 8-10 oz. soda bottles with lids (we need lots of these!)
  • Parent Visits
    • We love to have our parents come into the room at the start and end of the day to see what we have been doing. The children really like to show off, so try to take a minute and peek inside.
    • During the day the outside doors are locked for our children’s protection, but you can always peak through the door to see how your child is doing after you check in with a teacher or director so we know that you belong to a child there!
    • Please do not come into the classroom while we are teaching since it disturbs the concentration of the students
Registration Process
  • How can you register?
    • You can use our easy, secure online registration.
    • You can print the registration and mail it with your check. If you are paying with a credit card it is strongly recommended that you register on line for accuracy and to ensure that the camp does not fill.
    • You may pay with credit card, check, or money order.
    • If you wish to pay with cash, you may bring it to our office.
  • If you register on-line, you will receive an immediate response letting you know that your registration was received.
Teachers and Staff
  • Please click here for our teacher bios.
  • Teacher to student ratio is dependent upon age group. We keep an average teacher to student ratio of 1:8 in younger camps and 1:10 in camps for ages 8-14.
  • Imagine That! offers programs throughout the year. Many of the teachers are full time employees of Imagine That!
  • Due to the large number of campers, we also employ many Elementary, Middle School and High School Teachers during the summer to teach our curricula. In addition, we hire advanced college students with backgrounds in the subjects we are teaching. If you would like to join our wonderful staff, please send us an inquiry!
  • We also employ high school and college students as assistants to the teachers in larger classes.
  • Most of our science curricula is developed by our owner, Kelly Williams, who has a Masters Degree in Engineering from Georgia Tech. She is assisted in this by our teachers. So, in addition to writing the curricula, they are also teachers and know what children love!
  • If your child needs to take medication, please send it in the original container with the prescription on the label.
  • If your child can take their own medicine and a parent has authorized it, we will supervise them while taking it.
  • If they are not able to take their own medicine, you may authorize a person who is allowed to come to camp and dispense the medication.
  • To get the most accurate fee for a specific camp please go to our Registration Page and look for the camp you are interested in. This page has the current, correct fee including any applicable supply fees.
  • To get general pricing please go to our Fees page.
Refund Policy
  • Please note that all refund request must be submitted by email.
  • There is a $60 registration fee (included in the price of the camp) that is non-refundable.
  • The remainder of the fee is refundable up to 3 weeks prior to the camp. After that time, there are no refunds available.
  • However, up to one week before camp date, you may request to change your week of camp as long as there is space available. There is a $10 fee for changing a camp.
  • Due to staffing considerations and the difficulty to fill your child’s space within one week of the date, we cannot accommodate camp changes after that time.
  • Please note that camps changed within the three week period of time will not be available for a refund of any type at a future date.
Imagine That T-shirts
  • You may purchase a shirt ahead of time for the camp or you can purchase the day of camp.
  • We will use the shirt for an art project in the Art and Art combination Camps.

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