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Imagine That! offers classes in Science, Technology, Robotics, Sewing, Video Production, Stop Motion Videos, Art, Gaming and Coding at many schools throughout the Greater Atlanta Area. Most of these classes are offered immediately after school, one day a week for one to one and a half hours. We also offer exciting Saturday School Programs.  Our classes are for Ages 3-14.

Come join the adventure with our amazing after school programs!  Your child will be enthralled with the amazing hands-on programs that we offer.

Our STEAM (STEM plus Art) Classes are on-going throughout the school year.

If we are not at your school, please contact us about offering our outstanding programs.

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  • Robotics Club

    Amazing Program for our Minecraft and Robotics enthusiast!  For Grades 2-5 and 4-8.  

    Courses include Minecraft Programs and LEGO EV3  ROBOTS and NXT...

  • RoboTech: Grades 2-6

    Your child's adventure into Robotics,Coding, Stop Motion,  and Technology  

    We have lots of ALL NEW activities for your...

  • RoboRangers: Grades K-2

    An Adventure Into Coding, Stop Motion, Robotics, Technology &  Machines 

    We have lots of ALL NEW activities for your child!  Don't...

  • Sew Your Art Out

    Sewing and Artistic Expression for Grades 2-6  

    An exciting class for students who love to sew and want to let...

  • Lights, Camera, Action

    Video Production and Stop Motion for Grades 2-8

    This amazing class will introduce how to do...

  • Art Outside the Box

    Creative Arts and Crafts for Grades K-1 and 2-5

    Our ALL NEW artistic creations encourage growth, creativity, and appreciation of the arts!! Your child will be delighted with all the colorful,...

  • Icky Techy Science and Tech Grade K-2

    STEM at it's BEST! In other words: Let's make biology, chemistry, and technology FUN!  Fall 2019

    We will alternate Science and Technology throughout the semester.


  • What’s It All About? Grades 3-5

    Exciting Science Club where we will learn about Biology, Pathology, Microscopic Investigations, and the Human Body.  Fall 2019

    We will make lung models and blood flow models to understand how...

  • Icky Squishy Science Grade K-2

    In other words: Let's make biology and chemistry FUN!  Fall 2019

    We will start off mild and build to wild!  It is hard to divide biology and chemistry since there is so much chemistry going...

  • RoboAnatomy Grades 2-5

    Exciting Stem Club exploring Science and Technology. We will  alternately investigate Robotics, Biology, Coding, Pathology, Microscopic Investigations, Machines and the Human Body.  Fall...