RoboAnatomy Grades 2-5

Exciting Stem Club exploring Science and Technology. We will  alternately investigate Robotics, Biology, Coding, Pathology, Microscopic Investigations, Machines and the Human Body.  Fall 2019

Note: Your child must be 8 to be in this program.

Overview of Science: We will make lung models and blood flow  models to understand how our bodies exchange CO2 and Oxygen at the cellular level.  We will perform blood typing, create a GAC cell model, extract DNA and make a DNA Model.

We hear a lot about pathogens.  We will investigate pathogens by seeing what is in pond water and why we would never drink it!  Just how could we purify it if we were caught out in the wild?  We will explore the methods.

Just how do our muscle system work?  What kind of lever is our arm?  We will discover these and many more mysteries of our bodies at work.

Overview of Technology:


With Lego ® MINDSTORMS EV3’s students will build a walking man able to push a cart loaded with supplies!  Students will program cart races with classmates.  Who can dump the cart first and move on to the balance to ride with friends?  This session will be “cart loads” of fun!

Lego ®MINDSTORMS NXT’s are all new this year!  Dizze Bot has monster tires to navigate around and over any obstacle course while students learn programming blocks.  How fast will the Grasshopper race it across the room.  The Chick has an issue with balancing on his 2 feet.  Would an effective program help with his wobble?

Pivot Animator: Programming!  We are so happy to offer Pivot Animator this year!  Pivot Animator is a user-friendly platform creating 2D stick-man animations. The stick figures can be easily moved by dragging handles. The animation is made frame by frame. While Pivot Animator is very easy to use, very complicated animations can be created.  Your student’s animation can be exported to several formats to use as a GIF or on YouTube!

 Makerspace:  What is a Makerspace?  This is a place that students can meet to create and engineer items that might solve a problem.   With Lego ® Education Simple Machines kits and supplies from your closet or around the room, students will Define a problem to solve, Brainstorm together for ideas, Identify Design Criteria, Go Make, Review and Revise and finally Communicate the Solution through their Maker project! Possible projects are Digital Accessories, Mechanical Toys, a Wearable, a Carnival Ride and so much more. Let’s see what the kids design and Make!

We’re having a great time at Imagine That! Come join the fun!