Icky Squishy Science Grade K-2

In other words: Let’s make biology and chemistry FUN!  Fall 2019

We will start off mild and build to wild!  It is hard to divide biology and chemistry since there is so much chemistry going on with all biology!  We will start with our observation test, decaying a tooth, elephant toothpaste and our much needed Grossness rating system.

We will investigate recycling and decomposition. What icky thing helps with decomposition you may ask?  Spiders.  This will be a fun and educational exploration of why we should consider spiders our friends.

Then it is on to oil spills and how we can help!  We will learn about how oil and water don’t mix and how we can change that with our beautiful rainbow burst.

Now, as promised, we our on the the fun and icky part.  Here we will learn about our bodies and how our lungs and blood work.  We will make lung models and blood flow models.  We will learn about the three types of blood cells and what they are good for!  We will also make a GAC cell model.  We will learn to look through microscopes to see the normally invisible.

But that is not all!  We will learn about spit power, make edible barf, burping balloons and find out why our socks smell!

Come join us for this exciting adventure in your child’s school science club!