Art Outside the Box

Creative Arts and Crafts for Grades K-1 and 2-5

Our ALL NEW artistic creations encourage growth, creativity, and appreciation of the arts!! Your child will be delighted with all the colorful, hands-on, imaginative projects that they create!  You will be impressed with the knowledge of design, art history and technique they will learn in each class! Let us show you how we make art fun and educational as we design the world in our new and innovative after school classes!

Grades K-1

Our program is thoughtfully designed with budding artists in mind. Students will be delighted with brand new exciting and educational art projects.

Most importantly, the students will come out of this after-school class with a new founded appreciation in art and themselves as artists. Just as the world is a stage,it is also a museum.. be ready to embrace the next Van Gogh or O’Keeffe to grace it with creative brilliance!

This fall our projects will include:

  • Painted flower pots!
  • Colorful still life paintings!
  • Hand-printed cards!
  • Creative animal collages!
  • Art inspired by artists!
  • Color wheel designs!
  • Clay creatures!
  • Colorful landscapes!
  • Dynamic drawings!
  • Paper weavings inspired by folk art!
    All supplies are included.  Classes are held at your school.

Grades 2-5

An exciting class for students who love to use their imagination and want to let their creativity soar through arts and crafts!

Every artist needs a portfolio, so students will design and decorate their very own artist portfolio from foam-core board. Next, students will design their way through a refresher on the color wheel: implementing primary, secondary, complementary, and analogous color knowledge. Using their understanding of the color wheel, students will create an out of this world kaleidoscope and hand-painted cards.

To help guide them towards an appreciation for multidisciplinary art, students will work to show their interpretation of a song on a tile painting. Next, using a weaving loom, students will make a decorative frame to display the tissue paper artwork they will create. Finally students will learn about famous artists Claude Monet and Jackson Pollock while creating a water scene and a group effort splatter painting.