Lights, Camera, Action

Video Production and Stop Motion for Grades 2-8

This amazing class will introduce how to do Video Production and create Stop Motion Videos.



V I D E O  P R O D U C T I O N :

We will cover the art of composition. This includes storyboarding lighting, audio, the rule of thirds, and deciding which shots are worthy of final video.  See a sample.

In our Video Production Class, students use the built-in camera and video capture capabilities of Android or iOS tablets to learn how to create complete video presentations. From brainstorming and storyboarding to shooting and editing students learn the steps necessary to create a full video presentation. Videos are becoming increasingly prevalent and student’s newfound abilities will transform their futures and encourage vital technological literacy to succeed. Creativity and technology come together to create a fun, experiential and digitally relevant class that will instill inspiration.

Our student will not only learn how to record and edit videos but also understand the background information and learn about different video types. Each class will choose one video type to complete by the end of the program. This could range from a documentary movie trailer to a YouTube vlog channel pitch!

S T O P  M O T I O N

Then we are on to an introduction to Stop Motion Videos where students will create their own stop motion film.  See a sample. Students will need to use their Sequential Reasoning capabilities and thought processes to create their video.  First, students need to lay out a plan that starts with a story-line followed by the storyboard. As students begin to set up their stage they will have to check and test all equipment for glitches!  In stop motion filming, every step must be taken in the correct order, one small movement at a time, just as a robot is programmed to move from point A to point B. .  These pictures are download to an app that will speed the flow of vision, creating the look of fluid movement. This helps students to gain an understanding of the concepts introduced in coding! Using logic and creativity results in all around great fun!
Final Movie
Final Stop Motion Video
Loving this camp!
Learning the Video Camera
Movie Editing
Editing Movie