Sew Your Art Out

  • Woven Pencil Holder
    Woven Pencil Holder
  • Donut Pin Cushion
    Donut Pin Cushion

Sewing and Artistic Expression for Grades 2-6  

An exciting class for students who love to sew and want to let their creativity soar through arts and crafts!


Everyone who sews needs a set of tools, so students will design a sewing kit from a paper box that they will decorate.   Next they will gather and learn about their sewing tools. We will learn how to attach buttons, embellishment and more.  Next, the students will create little booklets containing information about different stitches and types of fabrics.

We will use our new sewing skills to create:

  • A felted bookmark and a piggy bank coin purse.


  • Make a travel Tic-Tac-Toe game board by turning items that my have gone the way of trash by turning them into treasures such as paperclips, scraps of ribbon and extra buttons
  • Explore creative designs by drafting our own patterns for items such as wearable headbands made from re-purposed clothing material!
  • Make a shoulder bag!

Arts and Crafts:

To break up our sewing experience we will also add in some creative drawing and painting!