Icky Techy Science and Tech Grade K-2

STEM at it’s BEST! In other words: Let’s make biology, chemistry, and technology FUN!  Fall 2019

We will alternate Science and Technology throughout the semester.

Science Portion: We will start off mild and build to wild!  It is hard to divide biology and chemistry since there is so much chemistry going on with all biology!  We will start with our observation test, decaying a tooth, elephant toothpaste and our much-needed Grossness rating system.

We will investigate recycling and decomposition. What icky thing helps with decomposition you may ask?  Spiders.  This will be a fun and educational exploration of why we should consider spiders our friends.

Then it is on to oil spills and how we can help!  We will learn about how oil and water don’t mix and how we can change that with our beautiful rainbow burst.

Now, as promised, we are on to the fun and icky part.  Here will make lung models and blood flow models.  We will learn about the three types of blood cells and what they are good for!  We will also make a GAC cell model.  We will learn to look through microscopes to see the normally invisible.

But that is not all!  We will learn about spit power, make edible barf, burping balloons and find out why our socks smell!


Technology Portion:

Boost: Fantastic Creations for our younger robotics kids.  All instructions and programming are on an App called Boost ® by Lego. Once they are comfortable moving their bots they will add a sensor that detects Color and Distance that also doubles as a light…From this base bot students build Fantastic Creations; robots that walk, wiggle and squirm their way through the room and your child’s imagination!  We are so excited to get building and programming with Boost and your students.   Come and join the fun!

Stop Motion We will also reinforce frame by frame videos with Lego Stop Motion!  Students create their own stop motion film laying out a plan that starts with a story-line, character development staging and more.  Students will need to use their Sequential Reasoning capabilities and thought processes to create their video.

Machines: Students will build pulley systems with Lego ® Simple and Motorized Machines.  How many different pulleys are there and how many can we build?  We explore how pulleys work building the different stages of pulleys with a  Crane and a Conveyor Belt .  Both can be motorized with your students engineering skills and smarts.

Come join us for this exciting adventure in your child’s school STEM club!