Robotics Club

Amazing Program for our Minecraft and Robotics enthusiast!  For Grades 2-5 and 4-8.  

Courses include Minecraft Programs and LEGO EV3  ROBOTS and NXT MINDSTORMS.

Highlights of our exciting Robotics Club:

  • Longer classes: Each class will last 1.5 hours to allow more complicated builds.
  • Smaller Classes: Limited to 10 students.

Robotics Club Grades 4-8 or Ages 10-15

Depending upon the school where the program is offered,  your class may contain one or both of the following programs.

Learn Programming With MineCraft and ComputerCraft!

For Students who are continuing from our Fall session, we will progress from where you left off, for new students we will start from the beginning.

Please view our Parent Letter.  In this class, students will learn programming skills using ComputerCraft in which you can add little robots and computers to the world of MineCraft.  These can be programmed using the LUA scripting language. Students will learn about variables, functions, conditional statements, loops, and more, as well as improving their typing skills in a fun, familiar environment where the results of their work are immediately visible and very rewarding.  Students will conceptualize, write, and debug their very own program using new skills that remain useful outside of the MineCraft environment. The LUA language is a fully featured and freely available programming language that can be used to write applications and games, and is a perfect springboard for learning more complex languages like Java, C++, and others.


For our older students our LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3’s will be offered so that students have a great time building and programming robots!  Your student will have an exciting adventure this session as they take off for the stars with the EV3 Enterprise!  Students will be challenged with programming tasks to complete the mission to find a world to explore. Once they find a new planet, the EV3 Endeavor will be launched to travel the planets’ surface.  Experiments will be tasked to explore through programming challenges. Is your student up to the journey? Come and join the “out of this world” fun!


Robotics Club Ages 8 and Up

Depending upon the school. your program may contain Minecraft, Robotics or both.  The Minecraft will either be Commanding Minecraft or Minecrafting Circuits and Cities.  Please review flyer for your school for confirmation of which program is offered.

Commanding Minecraft

Please read additional required information HERE.

In this class, students will learn the basics of game and level design using Command Blocks in Minecraft! Students will learn about Redstone, gain an understanding of Command Blocks and their infinite uses, then work together to create their own adventure map and game in Minecraft. This is a great introduction to game design without having to learn a programming language. Students will type their own scripts into the command blocks through the Minecraft game engine. 


With Lego ® MINDSTORMS EV3’s students will build a walking man able to push a cart loaded with supplies! Students will program cart races with classmates. Who can dump the cart first and move on to the balance to ride with friends? This session will be “cart loads” of fun!


Lego ®MINDSTORMS NXT’s are all new this year! Dizze Bot has monster tires to navigate around and over any obstacle course while students learn programming blocks. How fast will the Grasshopper race it across the room. The Chick has an issue with balancing on his 2 feet. Would an effective program help with his wobble?



Minecrafting Circuits and Cities

Please view our Parent Letter.  We will introduce Redstone in Minecraft.  Redstone can be used to:
Make simple circuits, such as automatic doors and light switches.
Construct complex devices such as:


  • Trap Doors
  • Roller coasters
  • Automatic farms

Students will learn about switches, the binary numeral system, the difference between series and parallel circuits, make upstairs/downstairs circuits and more, all while using problem solving skills and group cooperation.
On the last day, students will use their new knowledge of binary and logic gates to create their own basic but functional calculators in Minecraft!
Students will also direct their enthusiasm for playing Minecraft into learning about and practicing city planning!
We will work as a community to choose the land we develop, build homes, streets, lamps and find/create stable sources of food and income.
Students will learn about trading, civil responsibility and duties, agricultural planning and architecture while playing their favorite game with children who share the same passion.

For longer programs we will also introduce creating our own stop motion videos using minecraft figures.