Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Ages 9-12

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Are you ready to understand the serious science that takes place behind the yellow crime scene tape? Well, this is your chance! In order to succeed at solving this crime we must unravel clues and secret messages-both invisible and cryptic. Each clue will make us learn a new skill to be better investigative scientists. These skills include:

  •     Learning to dust for and analyze fingerprints
  •     Collecting and comparing, foot prints and lip prints
  •     Handwriting analysis
  •    Using microscopes to analyze hair, fibers and powders
  •    Using flame test and LOTS of chemistry to analyze powders.
  •     Cell and DNA analysis using microscopes, models and DNA extraction
  •     Plant analysis
  •     Comparing Bite Marks and skeletal clues
  •     Blood and Hair Analysis

This is one cool camp!