Goo, Gas, Great Balls of Fire! (GGGBF) Ages 7-11

Science and Technology focusing on Chemistry, Physics and LEGO Technology 

This camp is an incredible combination of Science and Technology where we will use the LEGO Crazy Contraptions and Technics, along with exciting science experiments! This is a great hands-on fun camp. What more could you want in one camp!

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Science Portion: Make lots of cool Chemical and Physical reactions!

  •      Make Explosive reactions that blast many feet high.
  •      Make our own soft drink as we learn about constants, variables and ratios. We will then decide if its Truth or Legend that a soft drink can rot your teeth!
  •       Explore dry ice, make GAC, Slime and so much more!
  •       Investigate endothermic and exothermic reactions with salts that get hot and cold.
  •       Perform color changing acid base reactions and flame test!
  •       Learn about florescence and black lights!

LEGO® Technology: In addition to all of this the students will have a great time building using LEGO® Technology with the following:

  •      Crazy Contraptions: These are just plain fun and are the teachers and students favorites. We will build a “Battle Top Spinner” and a “Tennessee Time Killer”!
  •       Technic's: These activities really get down to the bones of how things work. The motorized “Elevator” utilizes a pulley and gear box to move supplies up and down, while the “Universal Joint” will use axles and can be modified to add motors should the children be up to the challenge!