Lights! Camera! Action!  Ages 8-12 (Option LCA)

Description:  This amazing camp will introduce Video Production and Stop Motion Videos.  Please view our parent letter here.

Video Production: We will cover the art of composition.  This includes storyboarding lighting, audio, the rule of thirds, and deciding which shots are worthy of final video.

Students will learn the history of filmmaking and the technical skills needed for filming and editing.  Each day will build upon what was learned previously with the final product being displayed at the First Annual Imagine That! Film Festival!

Stop Motion Video Production: Then we are on to an introduction to Stop Motion Videos where students will create their own stop motion film.  Students will need to use their Sequential Reasoning capabilities and thought processes to create their video.  First, students need to lay out a plan that starts with a story-line followed by the storyboard. As students begin to set up their stage they will have to check and test all equipment for glitches!  In stop motion filming, every step must be taken in the correct order, one small movement at a time, just as a robot is programmed to move from point A to point B.  Using logic and creativity results in all around great fun!
Final Movie
Final Stop Motion Video
Loving this camp!
Learning the Video Camera
Movie Editing
Editing Movie
More dates and locations coming soon!
06/03/2019 Catch Air Midtown
06/10/2019 Addison Elementary
06/24/2019 Crabapple First Baptist Church