Make It and Bake It Around the World! (MIAW)

Ages 5-7 An exciting Science, Cooking and Art adventure!


If your child loves to do it all, this is a great option. We will study the art, science, and cooking of four different Cultures.  Please view our parent letter here.

  •     Learn Structures as we make Model Bridges
  •     Learn to paint like the Impressionist Masters
  •     Learn about how light works as we study the "City of Lights"
  •     Learn to make cookies and pastries.
  •     Science and Technology: Learn how to move giant stones for Pyramids, Learn the science behind Mummy making and make and paint our own Sarcophagus
  •     Egyptian Art
  •     Learn how to preserve foods and make sun tea
  •     Ah, the smells and taste of this beautiful country! We will learn how these affect our senses.
  •     We will learn about structures as we investigate why the Leaning Tower of Pisa.... well, leans!
  •     We will learn how the masters created portraits and create some of our own.
  •     Make pizza and ice cream
Native Peoples of the Americas
  •     Make Rainsticks, learn to barter and trade.
  •     Make Native headdresses, sand art, pottery and more!
  •     Create Aztec Art
  •     Make food from ground corn