RoboCode and Gaming: (RCG) Robotics, Gaming and Programming

  Ages 8-12

Introduction to Programming and Robotics using LEGO MINDSTORMS™ NXT and EV3 Robots.  Learn Gaming with Robolox Studio. The students will have a great time as they really get to understand what makes a robot operate. 

Explore Programming and Robotics with Lego® MINDSTORMS® NXT robots!  This will expose your child to all the sensors used in the NXT Kit. Building the base robots, using every sensor, we will give your child a chance to understand and program them.

Using a basic “Base Bot” children will use the Touch, Light, Sound and Ultrasonic sensors so your child can program more extensively.  With a ground knowledge in sensors and programming your child will build a robot capable of maneuvering around an obstacle course and advance through a series of challenges. We will program your child's’ robot to have a personality!  It will even be able to play a game of golf!!  When is Tee time?

Your student will have an exciting adventure this summer as they take off for the stars with the EV3 Enterprise!  Students will be challenged with programming tasks to complete the mission to find a world to explore. Once they find a new planet, the EV3 Endeavor will be launched to travel the planets’ surface.  Experiments will be tasked to explore through programming challenges. Is your student up to the journey? Come and join the “out of this world” fun!

Gaming: New! Let’s create our own game using Roblox Studio!  While your child has been busy playing everybody else’s games on Roblox, they could have been making their own!  Well, we’ll fix that!  Students will create and play their game as they learn all about directionals, anchors and how to make a game that others will be challenged by.  Each week we will progress until all students test each other’s game out.  This is too much fun!!


  • Coding