Spies and Sleuths (SandS) Ages 6-8

 Hands On Science Extravaganza

This is a great “Who dun it?” adventure! Please see Parent Letter Here!
Dr. Lipid is back and boy is he mad! Our arch enemy is up to no good and we have to stop him!

We are the O.X.Y.S. (Only Excellent Youth Scientists) and we must match our wits against Dr. Lipid, Head of the Organization of M.O.R.O.N.S. (Magical Ogres Reshaping Our Natural Systems). The children will learn many exciting science principles as they learn to solve a crime scene and track Dr. Lipid!
In order to succeed at solving this crime we must unravel clues and secret messages-both invisible and cryptic. Each clue will help us learn a new skill to be better investigative scientists. These skills include:

  •     Becoming detectives by examining finger, foot, and lip prints!
  •     Learning Spy Games.
  •     Making Alarms to protect our headquarters-the children will learn about circuits.
  •      Making a periscope to spy around corners with!
  •     Using microscopes we will learn to analyze hair, fibers and powders.
  •     Using flame test and LOTS of chemistry to analyze powders.
  •     The children will have a grand finale crime scene to practice the skills they have learned.