Blast From the Past (Option BFP) Ages 5-7

 An exciting Robotics and Science Summer Camp Adventure!

Ozobot Robot: We are excited to offer Ozobots! Small robots that follow color patterns and designs made by students; and OzoBlockly, a drag and drop coding app that gives kids the chance to learn in a truly hands on way! The Ozobot is programmed to follow the commands students create on the tablet. Each lesson has a challenge to complete using the coding they have learned.

Travel to the Past:

Our excited time travelers get to travel back in time to the land of the Dinosaurs in our "Imagine That!" Time machine! While there they will:

  • Make Fossils
  • Create and blast off a volcano that they can take home!
  • Pan for Gold
  • Study dinosaurs
  • Create beautiful crystals

Rocket Science: With our science we will blast off into space as we:

  • Blast off Balloon Rockets, Bottle Rockets, Chemical Rockets, Straw Rockets, and Estes Rockets.
  • Learn about Newton's Law as we make a Newton's Car and a Balloon Car and learn the principles of rocket flight
  • Go through astronaut boot camp and lots more!
  • To round it all out we will make glow in the dark galaxies, an Alien Mona Lisa, starry night pictures, and a take home rocket project!

Come and join the fun!

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06/03/2019State Bridge Crossing Elementary
06/10/2019Addison Elementary
06/17/2019Atlanta Academy
06/17/2019Hippo Hopp - Briarwood
06/24/2019Imagine That Enrichment Center
07/08/2019Catch Air Sandy Springs
07/15/2019Atlanta Academy
07/22/2019Catch Air Midtown