Electrified and Robofied (ER) Ages 8-12

 Science and Technology Extravaganza

This camp is an exciting combination of Science and Technology. This camp is for children who love to design and build with their hands. Great for our engineers of the future!  Please view our Parent Letter here.


  •      Learn about electrical circuits, bread boards and circuit boards.  We will also create with Snap Circuits Light!
  •      See the inside working of a motor and learn the relationship between Electricity and Magnetism
  •      Make, modify and take home an electric car that responds to its environment.
  •      Build Solder and take home a Robot Blinker
  •      Modify and program the Owi 3 in 1 ATR robot.
  •      Interact with many different robots and understand what "makes something a Robot".


TECHNOLOGY will incorporate two programs:

  •      LEGO® Education Pneumatics:  The students will build machines that are operated by a Pneumatic system.  As your child builds a “Robot Arm” or a “Vertical Press”, they will explore power systems and components, sequence and control, pressure, prototyping, kinetic and potential energy and much more!
  •       LEGO® Powered Science & Technology Program: In keeping with our science activities the students will build different motorized and non-motorized models. The “Dragster” and the “Power Car” can be modified by the student teams to perform a task in the most optimal method, or the “Walker”, which operates by combining the use of pulleys and gears! Introducing gears and pulleys, structural design, forces and motion, energy and more will help all students understand how robots move.