Sew Your Art Out

  • Woven Pencil Holder
    Woven Pencil Holder
  • Donut Pin Cushion
    Donut Pin Cushion

Sewing and Artistic Expression for Grades 2-6  Fall 2018

An exciting class for students who love to sew and want to let their creativity soar through arts and crafts! Please view our Parent Letter.


Everyone who sews needs a set of tools, so students will design a sewing kit from a paper box that they will decorate.   Next they will gather and learn about their sewing tools. To complete their sewing kit, students will make a sock donut that functions as a pin cushion!

Next, the students will create little booklets containing information about different stitches and types of fabrics. Does your child want to make clothes? The students will spend a day designing and sewing dresses on doll forms using a variety of materials. Using scrap fabric for upcycling purposes, students will make a pencil case and a mini pillow with a scrap fabric flower. On our final day, students will learn about circuits as they make a LED bag!

Arts and Crafts:

Every artist needs a portfolio, so students will design and decorate their very own artist portfolio from foam-core board. Next, students will design their way through a refresher on the color wheel: implementing primary, secondary, complementary, and analogous color knowledge. Using their understanding of the color wheel, students will create an out of this world kaleidoscope to take home!

To help guide them towards an appreciation for multidisciplinary art, students will work to show their interpretation of a song on a tile painting. Next, using a weaving loom, students will make a decorative frame to display the tissue paper artwork they will create. For our final two days, students will learn about famous artists Claude Monet and Jackson Pollock while creating a water scene and a group effort splatter painting.